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Would you love to lose weight in a way that is kind to your body?

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Adele Stickland

Owner & Your
Gorgeous Health Coach

Be the real you – Reconnect with
your gorgeous self on 3 fronts:

  • Healthy eating that you understand and can absorb into your busy schedule

  • Exercise in a way that helps you to understand your body’s needs

  • Mindset & soul support to nurture you on your personal journey

If you would like to find a clearer path to a gorgeous mindset,together with a healthy nutritional plan and exercise that works for you. Then let’s chat:

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Here’s what some of our Gorgeous
members have said about us

Infectious energy and her outlook on life, as busy mum she knows we need to look after our bodies

Karen Skidmore Business coach at www.karenskidmore.com 28th October 2017

This is the perfect package for people just like me

This is the perfect package for people just like me. It’s easy to follow, accepting of who I am, who I want to be and mistakes that I may make along the way. I really liked the flow and by the end I felt like an expert – you had given me the tools and the support and the motivation. I am a huge fan and will be your number one fan all the way!

Vicky Tearle Primary School Teacher 1st June 2016

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