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6 foods you should never eat

Drives me crazy every time I hear expressions like this, isn’t it obvious? crisps, sweeties, chocolates, biscuits, booze – all the foods we hold dear!…
  • Mindset ·

Symptoms of Too Much Stress

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain that can be caused and created by a number of adverse circumstances, and whilst…
  • Inner Work ·

Signs you have reached burn out

Burnout is more than just a feeling, the World Health Organization recognizes it as an official syndrome stemming from chronic workplace stress. The always-on culture…
  • Mindset ·

Strategies to avoid stress

Stress inhibits your judgement and your mental agility.  The WHO predicts that by 2025 the top health concern will be burnout and stress. Never before…
  • Inner Work ·

New year! New you!

Every year is the same you put yourself under enormous pressure to change, a massive commitment to overhaul your life, drastic alterations to your lifestyle.…
  • Exercise ·

Pilates! practice it every day

Pilates undoes the muscular damage of modern lifestyles.  Sitting at desks all day,  your neck craned over your phone, then sitting on the sofa all…

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