Inspiring stories from my clients

Read some of my clients lovely transformation stories were we've worked together to improve their health, energy levels, lose weight and reclaim their vitality and body confidence with my personal premier coaching programme

"My weight and shape is now at its lowest..."


For me being gorgeous is less about weight and more about happiness, health and confidence. My weight and shape are at their lowest yes, but the real difference is I have chosen not to let the scales dictate my life. I now understand the nutritional principles and I know how to look after my body but most importantly I feel free and confident in my own choices.

I now have the knowledge and confidence to make my own rules”

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"I am now able to focus on what is important not silly things..."


Retraining as a primary school teacher with 3 boys and a large extended family meant that Catherine and little time to focus on herself, let alone her health. Her trigger came when her work load and home balance became too much. Her health was suffering.

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"I love being in control and confident in my body"


Turning 60 and visiting her son in Japan was Alison’s trigger, she wanted to enjoy her trip and feel confident that she would travel well.
“I love being in control and confident in my body, I was approaching retirement and I wanted to be in the best shape I could be especially because a few of my friends were unwell”

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"Retraining as a lawyer put me under more pressure"


Laura retrained as a lawyer whilst being a mother to 3 children. Watching her husband struggle with a stressful city job, Laura need to support and care for herself before she could shoulder her legal work and family commitments

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"I am starving, therefore, I must be losing weight, but the scales were going the opposite way – I was confused..."


Rachel is a busy professional, a hardworking successful business owner who lives life at a “100 miles an hour”. She fits a lot into her day and she was looking for some help with her health that could be “easily absorbed into her day” She noticed she was getting a lot of colds, feeling lethargic, she knew it was because she wasn’t putting the right nutrition in her body.

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"Your support, great advice, laughter and tough love have changed my approach to food..."


Charlotte, a busy mum of 2 teenagers and Consumer Brand Marketer Business Owner, changed her approach to food and prioritising her own healthy lifestyle choices.

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"I used to look in the mirror and feel so disappointed and upset with myself..."


Before I did Get Gorgeous I used to look in the mirror and feel so disappointed and upset with myself. I had no control over what I ate, I used to obsess every day, all day about food, I used to constantly think about sugary foods, crisps, wine and the rest. I would get such strong urges to binge that it would leave me feeling stressed and depressed. I would overeat at every meal. I was grumpy with my family, short-fused with my poor children and never happy with what I was wearing. I would walk around all tense and self-conscious. NOW I feel energised, I feel sexy, I feel HEALTHY! I love my family more than ever as I have put my self obsessions away and there is more time in my head and heart for them. I have a new obsession EXERCISE!! I love it! It makes me feel fab, it puts colour in my cheeks and it makes food taste better than it ever has!! AND when I do have those naughties, I am at peace with it because I know that I am in control of how much and when and I know that my new lifestyle will be able to sustain that sugar.

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"I have dropped 4 dress sizes..."


Working as a busy professional in DEFRA Mary felt frustrated with years of being over weight and bad health. Gorgeous was the platform to help her change not only her life but also the lives of her teenage son and husband. Mary had never dieted before she never had the confidence to tackle it

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