Gorgeous Reset for busy professionals

Helping time poor professionals to improve their health, energy levels, and reclaim their vitality and body confidence. Follow your path and join The Gentle Reset including soothing Pilates, nutritional advice and restorative healing


Life is busy and full of daily demands…

…and your health and wellbeing generally come low down on your list of things to do. Have you struggled with any of the following?

Would you like to step back so you can

prioritise yourself?

Giving you the confidence to be body gorgeous

Mindset, nutritional and exercise modules developed over two decades of working with professional women, which build upon your 3 tiers of mindset, nutrition and exercise.

A Gorgeous Retreat works from the inside out, the thinking girls approach to life and body love You'll discover:

Mindset your triggers from the past, your key to unlock your future

Latest nutritional
scientific research

Exercise that meets you where you are whether you are time poor or simply exhausted after a busy day

How it works

Transform your health, fitness, confidence and zest for life with my personalised 1 to 1 coaching programme.

1. You and I talk

To see if we’re a good fit and discover what’s holding you back

2. Choose your plan

Decide on which programme and plan of working together works best for you

3. Start seeing results

Through 12 Gorgeous nutritional and exercise modules

4. Maintain Momentum

Via session calls and online assessments

"I love being in control and confident in my body"


“I am now able to focus on what is important to me rather than worrying about ‘silly things’. I am stronger, fitter and definitely happier”

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Blends science with experience:

Gorgeous! How to look and feel fantastic every day

Blending experience with science this book will hold your hand, dig deep and find your personal emotional trigger(s) and guide you through easy food changes which will allow your ‘body love’ transformation to become your reality.

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