The Most Common (And Annoying!) Misconceptions about Health and Wellbeing Retreats

Attending a retreat for the first time can feel a little overwhelming, there are so many unknowns.  Clients ask questions around concerns around the type of accommodation, food, venue and of course the other ‘clients’.  With so many questions to answer and so many common misconceptions about Health and Wellbeing Retreats, I wanted to outline a few of the biggest issues in this article.  It will outline some of the myths & questions clients have about wellbeing retreats. If you have any more that I have considered then simply drop me a comment at the bottom of the blog and I’d be happy to respond.

6 Myths surrounding Pilates Wellbeing Retreats

It’s all a bit ‘woo woo’

Singing, chanting, sitting in uncomfortable positions for hours on end, or the thought everyone is going to be on a different wavelength, zoned out and unapproachable. Is just some of the concerns around joining a retreat for the first time.  The biggest fear is what to expect and the types of people who come along.  if you are looking for a warmer climate then read this article Everything You Need to Know About my Greek Health and Wellbeing Retrea

I’ve been attending and running retreats for years, they are magical. The attendees are just like you – most of the time they are simply overworked, tired and sometimes even exhausted. They are looking for an opportunity to sit back and take some time with their thoughts and recharge.

On the Pilates retreats I have attended and hosted I have met people from a variety of different backgrounds and career paths, including military personnel, vets, marketing directors, business owners, lawyers, barristers, nurses, doctors, head teachers, busy mums. Whilst backgrounds and ages differ the common theme is wanting to relax and let go of the everyday concerns.

Breakfast with a view

One attendee explained that it was like being back at university, that excitement of meeting like-minded people with a common purpose who simply want to find out more about you.  Not your role as a parent, career, or what your partner does for a living, that is interesting but most are simply interested in who you are – what type of books you read, what interests you, what doesn’t interest you.

Retreats are about being comfortable with your like-minded friends, the environment, the routine and the slow pace and then the magic happens.  When you start to review, reassess and reframe and perhaps even become a little uncomfortable.  Gently challenging what you are looking to do and to experience and how you want to enjoy the next part of your life.


You need to be super healthy

The wide cross-section of attendees means that some clients are healthy – super healthy. Others are just normal!  The food on the retreats is wonderful and it is an opportunity to become healthier but it is not a prerequisite to being healthy to attend.

Pilates as a discipline has always attracted the ‘middle of the road’ client. Those individuals who come along are interested in creating a physical, stronger body framework and better postural alignment but you rarely get a sweat on! It isn’t about pushing you to the limits, it is about realigning your body and your mind.  As a qualified Level 3  Pilates Coach, I teach every class and exercise at 3 levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced. So that everyone feels comfortable, included and accommodated.

Super healthy athletes are welcome as are mere mortals! If you are not sure what a health and wellness retreat read this article What is a Health and Wellness Retreat?

The Most Common (And Annoying!) Misconceptions about Health and Wellbeing Retreats


You’ll eat like a rabbit

A wellbeing retreat is a chance to not only step back from your busy life but is also a wonderful opportunity to taste the local cuisine.  For instance, the Greek Retreat in October has traditional Greek meals cooked with love using the best ingredients on the market.  Ourania our amazing chef cooks with the purest,  freshest and local ingredients.

You need to be super healthy

You won’t know anyone (and everyone else will know each other)

Let’s be super frank here, everybody is nervous about who the ‘other’ clients will be and what they will be like.  Nobody is interested in going back to our youth where there were 15 shampoo bottles in a shared bathroom and everybody had to hide their biscuits!    The retreats that I run are 5 stars, the accommodation is fantastic, with amazing views and chosen for their atmospheric locations.

If you are looking to read more about retreats in Europe read this article What are the best retreat holidays In Europe?

If you have experienced a retreat, abroad, then you will know that the environment lends itself to release and relaxation, nobody is stressed, which means everyone gets on.  One of the kindest testimonials that I have ever received for a retreat was from Maggie Kay, who is a seasoned retreater. She has been on a number of retreats and has a huge experience in hosting them herself.  She remarked that

“Adele draws an equally easygoing circle around her”

Until Maggie Kay wrote that in a testimonial I had no idea that was truly the atmosphere created, I hoped it was.  The welcoming atmosphere is created by the personalities that are attracted to gentle Pilates and mindfulness.  The venues I select, the retreat activities we participate in together and the type of personality that wants to come along; all ensure that you will develop and grow greater insights.   There is kindness where everyone wants to be respectful and look after each other.

Retreats are a space to heal, develop and grow.   The retreat attendees are all on the same journey, emotionally intelligent and highly sensitive to others’ needs whether that is space and calm with time to reflect or a more hands-on healing experience and a good blether! That means ‘chat’ for you non Glaswegians.

Greek Retreat everything you need to know group photo

You won’t get to see much of the country or experience the culture

Retreats are all about where you are now, sometimes clients arrive absolutely exhausted.  They don’t want to move from beside the pool or the studio. This is why I always have retreats that have their own private pools! As a business working mum of 3 kids I know what bone-shattering exhaustion can feel like.  If you want to go to a few Pilates sessions and spend the rest of the time improving your Vitamin D, that is fine – no judgement.

If however, you are looking for adventure, well then the world is your oyster.  Some retreats offer sailing trips, day excursions, shopping trips, walks, hikes

As a retreat host, I am sensitive to the group’s wishes. Organising events is relatively simple to coordinate.  Each retreat will have a list of activities that you can select whether you want to join in with or step back from.

If you want to find out more about the ‘What is a Health and Wellbeing Retreat’ article,

If you are not sure what a health and wellness retreat read this article What is a Health and Wellness Retreat? alternatively, if you are looking to read more about retreats in Europe this article is relevant What are the best retreat holidays In Europe?

I’ll have to sneak wine under the table

To be honest I prefer not to drink on my retreats; I also detox coffee which gives me a blinding headache for 3 days, but hey that is my personal preference. The idea of a retreat is to step back from every day. Alcohol for most people makes them anxious and puts them in a self-critical ‘think loop’ I recommend no booze! however, I have been on plenty of retreats where alcohol is available.

There is absolutely no judgement if you want to soak up the scene with a glass of vino then you are welcome; it will be available and you won’t have to sneak it under the table – truly.


Where are the wellbeing Retreats hosted?

Covid has disrupted the travel industry and it will take some time to recover, however, I have secured two amazing retreat venues over the next 2 years.  If you are looking for a sea view retreat then the Greek Wellbeing Retreat has everything you are looking for.

The venue is spread over a number of villas, each villa has its own pool.  The venue is perched on the cliffside offering amazing views over the bay of the local village and far beyond.  The Ionian Sea is within walking distance; however, the path is very difficult underfoot and walking shoes are required; the private beach at the end of the 25min walk is well worth it.  To find out more about Greek Wellness Pilates Retreat click here.  The accommodation is 5 star and at the time of writing this article, there are 2 x private rooms available.

If you want to read more this blog will be of interest Everything You Need to Know About my Greek Health and Wellbeing Retreat


early morning meditation

Spanish Serenity Pilates Escape

This Pilates retreat is all about taking the time to escape, exercise, re-energise, and realign your body and mind. Whether you are new to Pilates or more advanced, you will feel the benefit of practising Pilates daily, guided by expert tuition from Adele and Katie both highly experienced Pilates and Yoga Instructors. If you wish to find out more this article will help guide you Everything You Need to Know About My Spanish Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Enjoy the pleasure of developing your Pilates practice with daily sessions morning and evening outdoors in the blissful Mediterranean climate, a perfect setting to loosen up those tight joints.  Spanish warm sun, inspiring mindfulness talks, rebalancing meditation & gentle Pilates to nurture and comfort you. An unforgettable place where you can indulge in some luxury and take time to rejuvenate, restore and relax

Find out more about the Spanish Serenity Pilates Escape click here Saturday, April 22nd-29th April 2023

Pilates and guided meditation

How much does a Wellbeing Pilates Retreat cost?

Our Wellbeing Retreats have everything you are looking for.

Greek Wellness Pilates Retreat click here

  • Shared Occupancy: £1,735
  • Includes £145 non-returnable deposit
  • Plus 3 x instalments £530
  • Single Occupancy: £2,095
  • Includes £145 non-returnable deposit
  • Plus 3 x instalments £650

Find out more about the Spanish Serenity Pilates Escape click here

  • Investment: £1,090 
  • Includes a non-returnable deposit £145
  • Plus 3 monthly payments of £315 based on shared accommodation.



Next steps

If you are looking to create a calmer lifestyle and attend a Pilates health retreat feel free to email me to discuss your requirements


Alternatively, if you are looking for more information check out these articles:

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