What are the best retreat holidays In Europe?

Whether you are looking for an idyllic spot to rest and take a step back from life with a vinyasa yoga retreat in a warm climate or a mountain getaway for a healthy reboot, this article will outline some of the best retreat holidays in Europe.  This article will detail what you should expect from a health retreat, how expensive it can be and what to look out for from wellbeing retreats. If you are looking for something a little different from the usual spa experience and want to dip your toes into relaxing mindfulness, intuitive wellbeing and restful chilling, this article will bring your attention to a few of the top spots for you to consider and find out more.

Breakfast with a view


The best retreat holidays in Europe

With so many restful retreats to choose from it can feel a little overwhelming. From a barefoot walking experience in Germany, thermal baths in Italy, yoga and surf in Jersey or even a gentle detox with Tibetan monks in Ireland there is plenty of choices. I’ve selected 5 retreat holidays that will suit a range of budgets and are a great ‘first experience’ for retreaters.  A down-to-earth, easy living experience that requires a moderate level of fitness; that doesn’t require extreme activity or a huge amount of experience.

As a Pilates instructor for over 20 years, I have hosted and attended retreats for as long as I can remember.  What I am looking for is still the same as before, adventure, experience, getting to know myself better, and meeting interesting people.  But nowadays I am also looking for comfortable rooms, an amazing view, warmth and the opportunity to spend time with like-minded, easy-going friends.

Making new friends on a retreat is easy, and retaining those friends is even easier.  A shared bonding experience happens regularly in earlier life, in midlife as you get more comfortable with your surroundings and dare I say personal habits it is a little trickier to share, but when you do open up to new adventures it is life-changing.  The opportunity to be the real you, the person you were at university/college, before you became a parent, a carer, or simply too busy to notice what you once enjoyed.

Retreats in my opinion remain as ‘memory snapshots’ for the rest of your life.  The memories you make, and the people you meet, last forever If you are not sure what a health and wellness retreat read this article What is a Health and Wellness Retreat?

Retreats are quite unlike a family holiday simply because there is no arguing! There is nobody to look after, there is nobody to tell you where you need to be or what you need to do.  You are free to relax, read, walk, swim or practice Pilates/Yoga or whatever you feel ready for. If you want to read more this article is relevant Everything You Need to Know About My Spanish Health and Wellbeing Retreat

What should you expect from a health retreat in Europe?

Your health by just our diet or exercise regime, but also the degree to which we feel happy and connected. In order to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit, you sometimes need a break and take a step back for some needed self-care.

A retreat is about stepping back from your busy schedule and fast-paced life.  Take time to distance yourself from who you are in the world.  Allowing yourself space to check in with how you are.

    • Yoga and Pilates: to develop your body alignment and strength
    • Guided Meditation: to turn inwards and allow space for introspection
    • Healthy food: to boost your vitality and reset
    • Mindfulness: to be here now and change your habits

Expect to step back with a digital detox to help you get back in tune with your body and your mind, healthy food and a community of friends that will help you to enjoy yourself.

Lefkada sunloungers

What daily activities can you expect on a holiday retreat with Adele?

You can relax with a gentle Pilates and Yoga timetable that you will be encouraged to take at your own pace. Either join in or step back depending on how you are feeling.

    • Daily Pilates will help you to stretch and unwind
    • Morning guided meditations will help you to step back a gear
    • Healthy lunches and dinners will kick-start your healthy eating
    • Company of others to help you to re-focus on yourself and feel comfortable that you are not on your own.
    • Daily Mindful Mediations, explore various ways to still the mind and experience equanimity
    • The week will be an interesting, calming time with healthy food, conversation, and calming Pilates exercise

If you are interested in finding out more read this article What is a Health and Wellness Retreat?


What should you look for from a health and wellbeing retreat?

In order to find the perfect retreat holiday for you, there are some things to check and consider.

For example:

    • How far are you willing to travel?

    • What sort of surroundings are you looking for – sea or countryside?

    • What is your investment budget?

    • What sort of facilities are you looking for?

    • What activities do you want to do – biking, hiking, Pilates, yoga, mindfulness


I’ve outlined a few varying retreats to consider, including two of my own Gorgeous Greece if you are looking for the colours and smells of the Ionian Sea, if you are looking for a warmer climate then read this article Everything You Need to Know About my Greek Health and Wellbeing Retrea

Perhaps a countryside spring retreat in Andalusia in Spain appeals to you if so you’ll want to read more in this article  which is relevant Everything You Need to Know About My Spanish Health and Wellbeing Retreat

The top 5 wellbeing retreats

Camping in the Italian Dolomites

The Dolomites mountain range in the northern Italian Alps offers amazing restful treehouse ‘relax’ breaks from busy life.  The three houses are a refuge high above the ground offering privacy and tranquillity created according to the modern concepts of bio-architecture.  The campsite is located in the Sexten Dolomites with a majestic view of the mountains of the Sexten Sundial. A wonderful location with fantastic silence creating pure wellness

With the soothing sounds of a babbling stream, the sight of the Dolomites, the feeling of being at one with the wilderness and yet living in a world of modern holiday pleasures in the resort Caravan Park Sexten, a 5-star campsite in South Tyrol with pitches, treehouses, and lodges.   The facilities include nine saunas, sweat rooms, an indoor pool, 2 whirlpools as well as Meridiana Spa is open for massages and treatments

How much does this adventure cost?

You can expect to pay around 369 Euros per person per night including breakfast, which is approx £2,233 7 nights per person


Pilates in Gorgeous Greece

Soothing Pilates and restorative healing a personalised 7-day retreat to your Greek journey to wholeness where you can reconnect with yourself, your heart & your intuition Greek sun, inspiring mindfulness talks, rebalancing meditation & gentle Pilates to nurture and comfort you. An unforgettable place where you can indulge in some luxury and take time to rejuvenate, restore and relax. Our Greek Journey to Wholeness brings you the perfect destination for your dream break.  If you are interested in finding out more read this article: Everything You Need to Know About my Greek Health and Wellbeing Retreat


Pilates in studio


Set in Lefkada, ‘Caribbean of Greece’, the luxurious Urania Greek Villas overlooking the tranquil Ionian sea, designed to bring inner calm and the ultimate environment in which to escape.

How much does this Greek adventure cost?

  • Greek Wellness Pilates Retreat click here
    • Shared Occupancy: £1,735
    • Includes £145 non-returnable deposit
    • Plus 3 x instalments £530
    • Single Occupancy: £2,095
    • Includes £145 non-returnable deposit
    • Plus 3 x instalments £650

Prefer Video? Watch My Video: Gorgeous Greek Pilates Retreat

Mountain Spa in Sofia, Bulgaria

Hiking and alpine freshness, with the Boyana waterfall a couple of hours’ hike away –  either walk up the mountain or hire a mountain bike.  Cycling into Sofia via the National Theatre park route or head up into the forest. Plus spa access at the hotel gives you a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, treatments, and Turkish bath There are also plenty of restaurants in the area and a good deli down the road.

Pool and mountains nearby. Fresh air and sunshine and solace

How much does this adventure cost?

For a seven-night stay, it will cost £254 in high season


Pilates in Spanish Serenity, Spain

If you are looking for a ‘done for you’ retreat with a combination of expert Pilates and Yoga and a healthy and relaxing week combining powerful tools to help you relax, and release stress.  Pilates in Andalucia in Spain will be perfect.  Hosted by lovely Sal & Adele, who are highly experienced retreat leaders.

You’ll enjoy daily Pilates and nourish your mind, body, and spirit in a place that will quickly feel like home where you start your day with guided daily Mindful Mediations, explore various ways to still the mind and experience equanimity; daily Pilates practice with expert tuition with wonderful vegetarian meals throughout the week.  If you are interested in reading more this article will be helpful Everything You Need to Know About My Spanish Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Within this stunning part of Spain lies Casa Libelula, Dragonfly House where you’ll experience the mountain magic with Spanish sunshine, gorgeous hilltop villages with Moorish architecture and Europe’s warmest region.

How much does this Spanish Serenity adventure cost?


Prefer Video? Watch My Video: Gorgeous Spanish Serenity Pilates Retreat

Yoga in Spain  

Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat, Spain is the perfect healing holiday for those who want a yoga holiday that includes Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Restorative, Jivamukti and Pranayama that focus on spiritual engagement and inspiration. The Shanti-Som Yoga Retreat Programme includes 5 days of delicious, fresh, cleansing cuisine menus for breakfast/lunch/dinner.  You are able to improve your yoga ability and cleanse your system at the same time

How much does this adventure cost?

Single room 7 nights in high season (June-August) is £2,805 per person


Next steps

If you are looking to create a calmer lifestyle and attend a Pilates health retreat feel free to email me to discuss your requirements

Email: adele@get-gorgeous.com

Website: www.get-gorgeous.com



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