Why am I putting my prices up?

What kind of change are you looking for in your life – more money, more travel, greater health, more energy, more vitality, or perhaps it is simply a longer pair of legs?  Change is happening all the time and navigating it comfortable is always difficult. Moving forward in any new direction means personal and professional growth.  But isn’t it worth it?

Change is painful, murky and confusing at times, but after the scary bit, comes a different way of seeing yourself and the world. It always brings about a feeling of renewal and optimism for the future. There are big changes happening inside my coaching programmes this year. Changes that will benefit you with more personalised and bespoke service so that you can reach your health goals quicker.  This blog will explain those changes and the reasons why this year my prices will be increased for all my coaching programmes.


6 reasons why I am raising my prices

As my business grows and as my client’s success stories become more widespread it is harder for me to spend the time I would love to with my clients.   I am looking to spend valuable and truly useful and powerful time with my clients so that we can create the change that they want in their lives.

I love the personal touch. I love to dig deep and uncover the reasons why my clients find it difficult to move past old barriers.

Why they have struggled to either lose weight, get fitter, or simply change their lifestyle choices.  Having worked with clients for over 2 decades now I have the ability to see clearly where they can not.  Where some clients have struggled their whole life with a particular hurdle – like that constant gnawing worry that food is constantly on their mind, or the anxiety that they can’t quite pinpoint.  For a fresh pair of eyes and an insightful gaze, it can be easy. But it takes time, love, and devotion and I need to spend the time understanding the root of the problem.

From experience, I know how hard it can be for clients to make changes on their own, especially when they are incredibly busy but if the change is what is needed then starting is the most painful part.  Once you start the rest follows:

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”

Lao Tzu

I talk a lot about this in my best-selling book, Gorgeous! If you want to make nutritional changes but feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting information and you’re left bewildered where to start then pick up a copy of Gorgeous!

Gorgeous! boook

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I love to create change in my client’s lives that will last a lifetime.  The ‘aha’ moment that changes everything. I can’t do it for everyone, not least because not everybody is ready for that type of work but also because it is draining.  I need to be the best version of myself to help facilitate and create change in others.

The honest answer I can give to putting up my prices are:

1. Happy Customers

Quite simply happy customers are my soul work and make my life happier, if  I can contribute in a meaningful way to my clients then I can relax in the knowledge that I am doing my best work and serving the perfect client. The client that works well with me invests in themselves as much as I invest in them.  A client that is open and discusses and outlines their blocks, barriers and deepest motivations.

Trust like this takes time to build.


2. I’m overbooked

Scheduling time is everybody’s problem, time is a very precious commodity for most people.  And being overbooked, with few spaces in my diary, being too busy serves nobody, least of all my clients.  Having time and availability to suit my clients serves us both well.


3. Clarity

Creative solutions to problems are easier and faster to reach when there is space to strategically think about the difficulties a client has.  I can see what will work and the easiest way to implement it. Often the quickest and painless answer is staring us in the face, but having the opportunity to see it takes clarity.

My clients want me to share that clarity easily and in a safe space so that they too can see and reach their bigger life goals, their life purpose.

Creating a wellbeing path that is easily manageable so that clients don’t have to stress and strain unnecessarily is uppermost in my mind when I work with a new client.  Most of the time I can quickly see the problem that has taken clients years (decades in some cases) to reach for themselves.

To get the helicopter view takes time and space.  The time to create clarity for a better future.


4. Maximising value

In order to fully immerse myself in my client’s story – to understand their problems and find their personalised solution –  it takes a quality of service that allows me to provided the maximum value. If you are interested in finding out more about the costs of working with a Health Coach read my blog: How much do Health Coaches charge?

5. Better results quicker

Creating a deep, real relationship with my coaching clients takes time. Addressing each client’s unique needs to make sure that they get the results that have paid me for, requires concentrated and dedicated work.  I can offer the best support to clients and they in turn get the best results in a shorter amount of time.

If you are looking for these type of results read about The Gentle Reset where you and I work together in a group setting to reset your mind and detox your body 


6. My clients work harder

The most honest answer I can offer is that the clients that are invested in their transformation are the best clients to work with.  When I first started coaching I used to charge £200 for a small coaching programme. The clients weren’t invested. It sounds strange but there simply wasn’t enough ‘skin’ in their investment.  Nobody can afford to throw £200 away, but we all do.

Chasing dreams but without putting the effort in, without doing the work. If clients are invested they follow the advice, they work with the programme and they get the results.  By raising the level of coaching, the support and the investment clients do their best work. They are fully invested in getting the results, we both are.


Prefer Video? Watch My Video

The Gentle Reset – 6 weeks to reset your mind and detox your body

If you’re not feeling great, full of vitality and hitting your weight goals then you’ve probably had a few glaring gaps……so with that in mind, I’d like to invite you to work with me inside my membership community on The Gentle Reset.

Each time this programme opens it is only open to 10 new enrolments and I’d love you to be a part of it

Working with me inside the membership, I’ll help you identify the bad habits that are accruing, then give you the resources you need to add in some great habits using coaching, video tutorials, cheat sheets, exercise videos, group coaching, and the all-important buddy-up, supportive motivation.

And you get the opportunity to pick my brain and get personal feedback on your nutrition every single week in our group coaching session.

My Group Coaching programme is based on a 6 weeks course that will focus on your health and wellbeing.  Inside the 6 weeks: The Gentle Reset you will be able to reset your mind and detox your body and be provided with the support you need to get a healthy lifestyle in place.

A big part of that means that you will have the nourishing eating habits that will give you more energy and more motivation as well as the appropriate levels of exercise.

Who is The Gentle Reset for?

  • If you are over 40 and wondering what the next 50 years are going to look like for you, then my Group Coaching programme is a great way to reset your health.
  • If you are a busy, professional woman, successful in so many other aspects of your life but find it hard to find time for you then my Group Coaching Programme is perfect for you.
  • If you are looking for nutrition, exercise and emotional wellbeing that is tailored to you, your life and your commitments.
  • If you are looking to move your health onto the next stage, and create a new lifestyle that supports and nurtures you rather than drains you.  Then the 6 weeks The Gentle Reset is perfect for you –  Join here:  The 6 weeks Gentle Reset
  • If you know that you are looking to improve your nutrition and nourish your body by adding in great nutritional and exercise habits that will not lead to burnout instead you will feel energised and vital so that you can take on all those ‘life’ tasks that previously you found so draining.
  • Or you are looking to increase your mental agility, enhance your creativity and problem-solving abilities. to tackle the next stage in your career and life then jump into the Group Programme
  • If you want to feel emotionally and physically stronger so that the stress of life doesn’t send you into a spin of negative coping strategies and behaviours then join us for the next round.

What sort of results can you expect?

let’s take Catherine as an example, she retrained as a primary school teacher with 3 boys and a large extended family meant that Catherine and little time to focus on herself, let alone her health. Her trigger came when her workload and home balance became too much. Her health was suffering. Find out more about Catherine’s story and others click here:  success stories click here

CatherineCatherine NOW

How much does it cost?

Your investment is currently £415 but this is for a limited time, the price will be increasing soon.  Any new enrolments after 1st March will be £450 – click here to grab the best possible price


When will the cost increase happen?

There are big changes happening inside of my programmes and from 1st March 2021 the costs of all my training will be increasing.

How do I sign up before the price rises?

You can join the group right now and get started with the planning. The next round starts 8th March 2021  Click here to join the 6 week The Gentle Reset Grab your place before my prices go up, you need to be fast.



the Gentle Reset



BE QUICK this programme, along with all my programmes will be increasing in price very soon,  you will need to be fast.

Gorgeous is your journey of discovery

PS. If you have read enough and you know that this is for you, and you are ready to discover the next stage of your journey  – then click here to join my next round before the prices rise 


PPS. Don’t forget the gorgeous book – your insight into great health and vitality Gorgeous! how to look and feel fantastic every day.  Gorgeous! book

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