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Do you feel that your weight has slowly snuck on over the last few years, especially the last 12 months?  Now that you are a little older has your body changed and what you used to do to keep trim is no longer working; do you feel stuck?   Are you the heaviest you have ever been? Do you need nutritional advice and support because you don’t really understand what to eat?  Would you love some ideas on the best exercise to suit your metabolism because it is very different now?  Are you always working and need to change your work-life balance?  Are you rubbish at sleeping? If so do you need to reset your body, your life and your diet?  I’ve outlined all you need to know about my coaching programme The Gentle Reset in this blog. The blog will outline everything you need to know.

Are you always working and need to change your work-life balance?

It is worth considering whether your time pressures and busy life mean that you have your head down and are managing your day in the way you have always done?  Do you feel concerned that this way of life is unsustainable?  Perhaps like a lot of my clients you are great at relaxing at the weekend and socialising – when COVID-19 will allow obvs!  – but then that is followed by a tightly scheduled week that means your work-life balance is well … let’s be honest crazy! Let’s talk reset…..The Gentle Reset

Are you eating the same comfort foods because you are stressed?

Are you eating comfort food because you are stressed?  Which then makes you feel exhausted, stressed, uncomfortable, and anxious about your health?

You know that you need more time for yourself, but with everything and everyone looking at you to sort out {insert the latest work/home drama}, it is down to you! Nobody can do it the way you can.

Is it time to reset your mind and detox your body?

If so let’s talk reset…..The Gentle Reset  6 weeks where you concentrate on detoxing your mind and resetting your body with healthy nutritional habits combined with mindset coaching that helps you to stay on track.

Over the last few years, I have been working with a limited number of clients on my 6 weeks The Gentle Reset programme, where you and I work together as a team to create new habits that will last your lifetime.  Habits that revolve around your nutrition, exercise that creates a lifestyle transformation – gently.

“Wellbeing habits that make you feel great, accomplished and turn the tide on burnout and exhaustion.”

If you have watched your friends, colleagues or even your family exhaust themselves and you are worried you are heading the same way.  Then read on……..

What’s included inside The Gentle Reset?

Each week for 6 weeks you and I work together with a little support group to concentrate on embedding one nutritional habit and introducing one exercise routine, that works around you.

In the coaching sessions and supporting emails, I set the habit that you stick to during the week. One powerful, nutritional habit that will keep you focused all week. Using the persuasive psychology of ‘adding’ in a positive habit – over the course of 6 weeks will naturally push out some bad habits.

In addition to the one nutritional habit focus, I’ll also carefully add in one Pilates-based exercise routine – a half an hour workout – which I will ask you to accomplish three times a week.

How does that sound – doable?  Can you add in a new nutritional habit and 3 x half-hour exercise sessions – if the answer is yes then jump onboard click here  If you need to understand more, then read on…


Why will good habits work?

The nutritional habits you and I work on are based on scientifically proven science and the best structure to give you the quickest wins so that you can improve your confidence and improve your wellbeing.

The steps you need – in time – to make a real lifestyle change.

Inside The Gentle Reset, you will be able to reset your mind and detox your body by providing you with the support you need to get a healthy lifestyle in a place.  A big part of that means that you will have nourishing eating habits that will give you more energy and more motivation as well as the appropriate levels of exercise.

A coach that will help to inspire and motivate you to fit that into your day.

I talk a lot about this in my best-selling book, Gorgeous! If you want to make nutritional changes but feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting information and you’re left bewildered where to start then pick up a copy of Gorgeous!

Get Your Copy Now

What type of support will you get?

That support comes in many different forms:

      • exercise routines that are short (30mins) but don’t involve impossible routines – or jumping!
      • nutritional information provided in habits that are broken down each week,
      • weekly nutritional downloads including worksheets and videos
      • 6 x 30 min Pilates-based workouts
      • weekly group calls over the 6 weeks
      • weekly accountability reports and more.

Why have I created my Group Coaching Programme?

I’ll be frank with you, I’m different from most coaches out there. I don’t believe there are any magic blueprints, diets, pills, or supplements that will transform your health in the blink of an eye. yes, there are proven principles and practices (including having me as your ‘check-in’ buddy) but they still need to be adapted to suit your life.

Adding ‘in’ habits, rather than focusing on what you are removing works on a very different psychological principle.  It isn’t denial, deprivation or penance.

Using a very different mindset. A positive ‘growth’ mindset means that you will remove the bad habits naturally.

BUT…. you still have to show up every week and do the work even when you feel like life is too busy.

Let’s be honest it is much easier to do when you have support around you.


How do we communicate?

An email sets you off and gives you access to a private members portal. You don’t need to bother to remember any passwords or login details, the email I send you will give you access IMMEDIATELY to your resources for the week.

Access via the emails gives you access directly into the private portal that contains the exercise routine for that week (30mins in length) and a video outlining the habit you will focus on with the group that week.  Plus a written worksheet to explain what and why are focusing on.

Then the weekly group coaching call – 60 minutes – will talk through how you can adapt it to your schedule, any issues or problems you may have incorporating the habit.  And even diary scheduling if needed.

At the end of the week – you’ll be sent another email asking you to submit your personal reflection – what you loved, what you hated so that you know if that habit has been added in successfully.


Group support

At the end of the week, and the end of the first module, I’ll send you an email with an adherence feedback link.  You’ll be sent straight to a reflections worksheet where you send back your comments, reflections and insights on the week’s habit.

When you have completed the sheet and ‘submit’, it is automatically sent straight into my email inbox.

I’ll feedback comments to you on our coaching call. This is the feedback loop where you let me know what you have accomplished and where you need a little more support.

From there you move on to the second habit, which includes the second exercise routine and second group coaching call.

Each week builds from one habit to another.


How long will it take?

The Gentle Reset and body detox is a 6-week programme.

During the week you will need to allocate the following time:

        • 1 hour coaching session
        • 3 x 30mins exercise routines – you and I can negotiate this
        • walking daily
        • 30mins on nutritional education using handouts and videos to explain the habit you will be working on that week

Total weekly commitment: 3 hours a week which is 2%  of your waking hours.

Does that sound doable/achievable?  If so jump straight in here is the link


Your Health Coach: Adele!

It’s taken me years (and loads of mistakes) to work out how to fit in nourishing nutrition.  How to fit in and enjoy fulfilling exercise around my lifestyle.  A lifestyle that includes my online coaching business, my Pilates obsession as well as 3 kids!

And now I coach busy, successful woman over 40 to do the same – via my membership community and The Gentle Reset – and I’d like to invite you to join  to see what it is like to work with me join The Gentle Reset

Based on the latest science from the world of nutrition, neuroscience and exercise I’ve created a coaching programme that will create habits that will keep you energised for life.

A little background…

If you want to read more about the difference between a Health Coach and a PT read my blog click here

On completing my law degree I started work at Saatchi and Saatchi in Edinburgh.  But after nearly a decade of stress, deadline, and late nights, our first son, Ben put an end to the crazy fun, hectic world of advertising.  A world that had included flying helicopters down the Thames, driving fast cars at Thruxton, lunches soaked with Chateauneuf de pape. The pace was exhausting and I stepped off the roundabout.

For the last 20 years, I’ve been coaching and hosting wellbeing programmes online and across the UK as well as abroad in amazing retreat venues in Greece and Andalucia

Prefer Video?

Watch My Video How to reset your body & burn fat in 6 easy steps?

Who is The Gentle Reset Group Coaching for?

My wellbeing retreats and coaching programmes attract a range of different professional women – those who own their own companies/businesses as well as corporate career professionals. All of whom are busy women who are 40+ looking to reset their health, and gain more energy whilst juggling busy lives and careers.

Professionals that work in the legal industry, HR, wealth management, lecturers and teachers, marketing, financial wealth managers, headteachers, barristers, lawyers, PR professionals, pharmacists, vets and city fund managers!

The range of women is diverse but they all share the same thing in common. They are busy.

Exhausted with the jobs and their home and work ‘to do’ list.  They are screaming (internally) for a chance to rebalance their work-life balance.  A way to integrate life with work in a way that feels good for them. Everybody knows that eating well and exercising makes you feel better, but how do you fit it in when everything else is so overwhelming?


What results should you expect?

Here are a few examples of what three of my clients have achieved so far.

Marketing business owner Charlotte is frank: “Your support, great advice, laughter and tough love have changed my approach to food…as a busy mum of 2 teenagers and consumer brand marketer & business owner, I’ve changed my entire approach to food and prioritising my own health” Read more about Charlotte’s journey here

Business owner Sandra explains “for me being gorgeous is more about happiness, health and confidence. My weight and shape are at their lowest, but I have chosen to not let the scales dictate my life. I understand the nutritional principles and I now know how to look after my life I feel free and confident in my choices. I now have the knowledge and confidence to make my own rules.”

University lecturer and business owner Rachel explains “I am starving, therefore, I must be losing weight, but the scales were going the opposite way – I was confused…”​ Rachel is a busy professional, hardworking and successful who lives life at a “100 miles an hour”. She fits a lot into her day and she was looking for some help with her health that could be “easily absorbed into her day” She noticed she was getting a lot of colds, feeling lethargic, she knew it was because she wasn’t putting the right nutrition in her body. You can hear Rachel talking about how she changed her life click here

Find out more about the success stories click here


How much does it cost?

Your investment is currently £450 but this is for a limited time, the price will be increasing soon.   If you are interested in finding out more about the costs of working with a Health Coach read my blog: How much do Health Coaches charge?


How do I sign up for Group Coaching?

You can join the group right now and get started with the planning. The next round starts soon The Gentle Reset and begin the preparation.

What’s the first step?

The next round of Gentle Reset begins soon Get your mindset ready and join today to get started on your first habit, then join in the calls when the first round starts. The Gentle Reset

The Gentle Reset

BE QUICK this programme, sells out FAST so grab a place before all the spaces go, but you will need to be fast.

Gorgeous is your journey of discovery

PS. If you have read enough and you know that this is for you, and you are ready to discover the next stage of your journey  – then click here to join my next round before the last space disappears!


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