You’ve read Gorgeous! now what

You’ve read the international bestseller: Gorgeous! You are probably aware that the book has nearly 200 5 stars Amazon reviews – you may have even written one of them!  You now understand your own body better and understand the old habits that were making you feel unwell and anxious. The big question is –  what now?  What do you need to do to get started on your physical and mental health journey? How do you alleviate the anxious busyness that accompanies your day?  How are you going to implement what you’ve learned about nutrition, movement and mental health for 2022?

Following on from the ideas, resources, and tools from my book Gorgeous! this blog will outline your next steps.  The steps you need to take to help you to get from where you are now to where you want to go.  A healthier, happier future so that you can feel comfortable and confident with your body.  This blog will outline the next steps that will help you to get there with a few easy to implement habits.


Now you’ve read the book what is next?

How do you make the next steps on your health journey?  I wanted to compliment the book with this blog and outline the 5 steps you need to take to create the life you want.

If you are energy levels are so low that you are constantly fighting to get through the day job let alone life and the only thing you really want to do when you are not working is rest or sleep!

Then let’s get started….

What are your next steps?

Starting 2022 with great intentions is one thing, actually carrying out the action plan is another.  Taking action carries with it a momentum that builds over time into habits.  Habits lead to momentous change but first, you need to be clear on what direction you want and need to take.


The steps to clarity and conviction will make creating new habits easy, here is how to start:


1. Mindset and vision come before action.

Most people are simply following the flow of their life, dictated by work and family obligations. Without any clear purpose, it is directionless.  Most people are completely unaware that they have ‘done what their parents expected’ and simply followed the natural route that they felt was available to them.

Improving your life and your health is difficult when you feel stuck in a rut and spend no time on self-care or give it any priority.  Therefore the first step is taking time to set your own agenda, listening to your own inner intuition and guide and that will create a rudder that will set you on course.

It isn’t easy to do this on your own, working with a guide will help get you there fast read more What is a health coach and why do you need one?


Prefer Video? Watch You’ve read Gorgeous! now what?

2.Knowing thyself: the key to your successful future

After finding your vision, the second step is finding more about yourself.

Taking time to understand yourself will help you to find the correct course of action for you.  Taking time, being aware and curious about your thoughts and acknowledging how you feel will uncover bigger questions and uncover what your true motivations are in life.

My first call with new clients is spent finding their real passion in life because that’s what drives your quest for great health. Focusing on what will motivate you in the long term can all

Real life example:

Lisa loved her business, she was driven by her work.  In our first session together Lisa and I discovered her driving passion was her business. She was in the exciting, developmental stage of a new business having ‘served’ in the corporate world for decades Lisa had found her true passion.  The one thing, the big thing that was holding Lisa back was not motivation, money, or time. It was her health.  She was exhausted.   After much discussion and reflection, she realised that if her health didn’t work for her then she wouldn’t have the clarity or stamina required to get the business where she wanted it to go.

Lisa found her vision in her business, setting her health objectives and actioning them followed easily.  As soon as Lisa and I connected her health choices to the drive forward in her business, the rest was easy.

3.Mental health is the first pillar

Before starting on any fitness or wellbeing programme that is going to transform your life you have to start with your mental wellbeing. you may have your vision.  The mission, of where you want to be and you understand yourself more your next step is reducing stress in your life.

Taking time out will allow you to clear mental headspace it will allow you time to put yourself first. But there are also biological reasons for reducing the amount of stress in your life.

High levels of stress will cause weight gain, high blood pressure, disrupt sleep, negatively impact your mood, and reduce your energy levels.

The stress hormone, cortisol raises your blood sugar – by shutting down insulin which means you have a lot of glucose (sugar) in your blood system. If you are interested in finding out more about the Symptoms of Too Much Stress read here

Cortisol is the ’emergency’  hormone that triggers a high alert.  For most of us, it is triggered about 6 times a day and our body is waiting to respond.

If you are on high alert for a long period of time, your body has a cortisol overload.  Cortisol is a catabolic hormone which means that it breaks down muscle.   Without muscle tone, you will age faster, move less, injure more, and create a vicious cycle of ill health.

Tackling your mental ill-health and distress is the first major part of your health.  What is a health coach and why do you need one?



4.Your genes don’t define your future, your habits do

Science used to believe that your future was dictated by the genes that you inherited from your family.  It is a bleak outlook, your future is already written.

The science explained that 80% of lifestyle diseases came from your family background.  Revolutionary science and the study of epigenetics has now understood that actually, 80% of lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, even inflammatory diseases are 80% behavioural.  This means you have the ability to change your environment, your behaviour and rewrite your biological code.

How about that for optimism!

When you know that your genes have a switch that your environment will switch ON investing in yourself becomes essential.  Your life is not a lottery, your lifestyle and quality of life depends on what you invest in it.

How much are you prepared to pay to get the health you deserve? Click here to read: How much does a Health Coach Cost


5. Create a nourishing habit that lasts a lifetime

The final step is creating habits.  Small habits that change your life.

Compounding your habits are the key to your success – small habit carried out daily, weekly become incremental change that transforms your life.

A rolling ball gathers momentum:

“An object in motion stays in motion, whilst an object in rest stays at rest.” Newton

Get started with small habits. They may feel inconsequential, but over time a little trickle can erode rock. “Elephants don’t bite, mosquitos do,” which is how The Compound Effect describes it.

A habit plus consistency plus time will make a radical difference to your life.

Are you going to do this on your own?

Even though you know the information and you’ve read the book, it’s still difficult for some people to do it on their own. I’m exactly the same, which is why you need…


If you’re typical of most busy successful women I work with – you’re probably doing some of the activities in the book for your health. It may be that you’re doing most of the activities. But if you’re not feeling great, full of vitality and hitting your weight goals, then you’ve probably got a few glaring gaps and these are typically around your daily and weekly habits. And if you don’t take action to change those cumulative bad habits and add in a few great ones .. you’ll still be in exactly the same situation this time next year.

If you haven’t worked this out already. I wanted to let you know that it is completely useless.

Unless of course you actually DOING the exercise, adding the nutritional habits and wellbeing activities that are in the book.

Accountability creates action, and it works because

  • It lets you know that they will be held accountable for your habits
  • Accountability provides support in case things start to go awry,
  • Provides the opportunity to offer support through praise and encouragement to move you further along.

Accountability is the difference between success and failure


Group coaching

Recently I spent an hour on a group coaching call with my members where I was able to answer specific questions on Intermittent Fasting and nutritional macro balance and making sure it fits their lifestyle. Because I know them and their lifestyle – I was able to give very personalised guidance – which was very different from the generic advice I give in my posts and emails.

Group coaching is a great way to stay motivated, being part of a group of like-minded professional women helps you to create the transformation you want, so that you can have the health and energy for life that you once had.



Feedback and support is essential part of any training, and working with me is no different.  My personalised 6 weeks The Gentle Reset has two levels of feedback.  The first is written at the end of each module or habit so that you know that you are on track and on target to reach your goal.

The second feedback is on the group coaching calls, where you can raise any questions or issues that have arisen as a consequence of creating your new habit.

You need both coaching and feedback to be successful in business as well as in your personal life. And often people need it to be successful with their health, which is why I run my 6-week The Gentle Reset coaching programme.

The Gentle Reset


Reset your mind and detox your body

I’d like to invite you to work with me inside my membership community the 6 Week Gentle ResetIt’s only open to 10 new enrolments and I’d love you to be a part of it

Working with me inside the membership and I’ll help you identify the bad habits that are accruing, then give you the resources you need to add in some great habits eg. video tutorials, cheat sheets, exercise videos, group coaching, and the all-important buddy-up motivation.

And you get the opportunity to pick my brain and get personal feedback on your nutrition every single week in our group coaching session.

What sort of results can you expect?

University lecturer and business owner Rachel explains “I am starving, therefore, I must be losing weight, but the scales were going the opposite way – I was confused…”​ Rachel is a busy professional, hardworking and successful who lives life at “100 miles an hour”. She fits a lot into her day and she was looking for some help with her health that could be “easily absorbed into her day” She noticed she was getting a lot of colds, feeling lethargic, she knew it was because she wasn’t putting the right nutrition in her body. You can hear Rachel talking about how she changed her life click here


Big changes are coming

There are big changes that are coming your way soon way if you are interested in jumping in before that deadline then head over click here 

I’d love for you to be part of the group so that you can create the healthy transformation you have always wanted, to have more energy, more time and travel the world with a body and lifestyle that allows you to enjoy that.

Gorgeous is your journey of discovery


PS. Start your journey and begin your transformation change, using nutrition, mindful exercise and personal coaching and become the best version of yourself click here to find out more about The Gentle Reset

The Gentle Reset




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