Why might you want to work with a health coach like me?

What are the benefits of working with a Health Coach?

Women choose to work with a Health Coach because they are frustrated with how they feel about their body and themselves. Many times they have tried many different approaches which have not had the lasting success they are looking for. They are now at the point where they are ready to get expert help to get the result they want – sometimes this is losing weight and sometimes it runs deeper than that.

Perhaps they are struggling with emotions around their relationship with themselves and their partner, or they have been putting themselves last on the list after taking care of everyone else and they know they need to prioritise their health, nurturing themselves for a change. Whatever the main issue is for them, health coaching with me provides three key elements; nutrition, exercise and mindset coaching.

Working on these simultaneously gives you the end result you desire.

As your Health Coach, I inspire, nurture and guide you to your best level of health and fitness. If your goal is to lose weight then that is great, but my main aim is for you to feel gorgeous and happy with your personal level of fitness, offer the best nutritional advice and support to get you to your personal gorgeous goal.

The reasons why people like you choose to work with me:

1. Making changes

Health Coaching is focused on how you can change rather than talking about the previous problem. Focusing your attention on what you can do will help you to stop worrying about what foods to eat when and act in a positive way that leads to your happiness rather than frustration and stress.

If something is uncomfortable or painful in your life, rather than stuffing it down with crisps or chocolate look at what is causing the problem and move towards change

Working with me will encourage you to set your issues in a new light and shift your thinking, see what areas in your life are not working for you and feel supported in achieving a result that does work.

Get Gorgeous offers a clear nutritional path, appropriate Pilates-based physical exercise and a clear, focused, directional outcome.

My skill base and experience means:

  • I can see new opportunities and what is possible for my gorgeous clients using my intuition & creativity
  • I am committed to being open, honest and courageous in asking powerful questions that shift my clients thinking
  • I am truly committed to holding my clients in a safe place
  • I am always looking for deeper meaning and connections from your previous behaviour that will change your future outcome.
  • I regularly invest in my own personal growth and therefore offer the best service I can to you, my clients


“Your body will shrink as your confidence and your knowledge grows” Adele at Get Gorgeous

2. Motivation

I would say one of the biggest reason clients enjoy working with me is motivation.  The type of motivation that includes support and guidance.  Motivation and hand-holding that enable them to change their lives forever

Motivation to find the time to exercise, motivation to find out what to eat, motivation to then eat the food that will be the biggest difference to their lives including tiredness, energy and of course health.

Here is how one client describes it:

“Inspirational and very skilled at motivating me without putting any pressure on me, letting the new way of living and eating develop gradually.” FIONA – Gorgeous Graduate

I enjoy exploring gorgeous girls needs, simply because everyone is different and has a varied set of circumstances and finding the trigger that motivates them and helps them to see themselves clearly and understand that they can make changes easily.

I use gentle questioning techniques to encourage your own thought process and quickly see that there are positive actions you can take. I love applying gorgeous tools and techniques that help you on your own personal journey.

Other gorgeous girls have remarked that they have often:

  • Achieved better results quicker
  • Gained more confidence in their personal and professional lives
  • Found greater clarity and focus with less worry and mind chatter
  • Felt nutured and supported
  • Felt more fulfiled in life and work
  • Creating  more enjoyment from your life

3. Energy and enthusiasm

My energy levels are high simply because of my own health choices and because I am interested in my client’s challenges:

“I love your enthusiasm and energy in what you believe and do which is infectious”

“I really like the way of working to implement good habits in a positive way rather than thinking in a negative way about restricting diets. It is such a change of mindset.”

“Your enthusiasm is unbelievable, you really believe in everything you are teaching others, a real inspirational lady”

4. Feeling nurtured and supported

I am grateful that so many clients feel nurtured and supported in the work we do, it can be very personal and also very freeing.

Gorgeous clients have said:

“Your knowledge, positivity and insightfulness.”

“Understanding me & not pushing me into being uncomfortable”

“The information you give makes sense and is easy to understand. Your exercise videos are explained well and can be adapted to suitability and they are fun.”

“Get Gorgeous is fun as well as informative. I love that even in the harder exercise videos there is always a giggle or two.”

5. Challenging your Limiting Beliefs

I gently challenge your existing beliefs. Your unfounded theory that:

“I can’t lose weight” or

“I have always been chubby”.

When I lose 6lbs then I will be happy”

When you walk around with these stories inside your head you subconsciously find stories and situations that confirm your suspicions and add credibility to your theory. By doing that, you turn a theory into a full-blown belief about yourself. 

You can free yourself from these beliefs by gently analysing and asking sensitive questions.

Bringing your awareness to how you feel about yourself right now is the key to why and where you are blocking yourself from moving forward.

Looking at who is in your life and what they are saying to you on a daily basis is an interesting conversation. If your friends are committed to weight loss dieting, perhaps binging and constantly depressed about their bodies then that negativity reflects back on you.

Instead, if your group of friends are happy, successful and interested in improving their health then you will adopt the same healthy attitude.  Help to move away from energy deflectors and drainers and move towards energy sustainers

What YOU can expect from working with me?

  • Learn to create more fulfilment in your life, create more fun and abundance
  • Learn how to experience more love and flow in your life.
  • More positivity will lead to more energy and increased vitality
  • Teach clients how to align their dreams with the reality,
  • Bringing your heart, mind and body together.  Looking at what your heart desires.
  • Creating a plan with your mind and supporting your body into action. 
  • Increased confidence is the number one outcome clients experience working with me.
  • The premier coaching sessions mean that you and I work together to find out why you have held yourself back 
  • How you can move forward

One client described:

“there is more peace, I can be the person I was supposed to be”  and that it is now  “feeling safe to be me”

Another client explained that her energy has improved: “increased fitness and vitality. a few open have commented that I look fit and trim. people are inviting me out to walk and run with them.ie they now consider me a fit person. that I choose to drink green tea instead of prosecco or coffee.”

Specific results for your body shape
“I can now see I have lovely bone structure around the collarbone. Previously there was a protective layer of fat. My waist is more defined. I am a work in progress.”
You may thank that ‘work in progress’ is negative, maybe you think “oh no you are going to be forever on a diet”.  That is no the case, once you have the knowledge to change you want to keep going.
“My measurements are pretty amazing, I wouldn’t have thought I would lose quite as much weight or lost so many inches, my tummy is smaller than it’s been in years!”
” My health has hugely improved – skin great and headaches much reduced and sleep much better. Still get very tired esp during my period but the other weeks I’m like Tigger I’m so bouncy. Measurements I really don’t know but I have the confidence to wear shorts and skinny jeans and figure-hugging active wear I feel strong and toned”

Book a quick chat with me – you and I can talk through your health blocks, understand what is pulling you away from your health goals. By the end of the call, you’ll know exactly what you need to do get your health goals in place. Once you are clear on that, we can discuss ways that I can help you to get your plan your health strategy in easy steps. We may decide to work together to help you reach your weight loss goals successfully – and if so great – if not then that’s okay too. You’ll still have a clear plan to move your life forward.

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 I look forward to speaking with you

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