Clutter weighs you down, adds stress and weight gain!

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Have you ever explored how clutter will affect your morale and your energy levels? Have you considered how mess can affect your brain space?  In this blog post, you are going to discover why clutter makes you so stressed and why clutter causes weight gain.  I am going to show the underlining issues of “clutter stress” and how you can overcome it. In this blog I am going to outline 5 gorgeous solutions to remove clutter and help you gain clarity, composure and good health.

Why clutter is making you stressed and gain weight

Clutter is a nagging reminder that your work is never done.   It then reinforces your negative self-talk that you are lazy or a procrastinator.  It’s a constant “should” hanging over your head, burdening you with guilt.

Constantly makes you feel:

  • Like you are buried in an untidy mess of ‘stuff’?
  • Is your heart reaching out from a big pile of clothes and accessories?
  • Are you a Shopaholic girl?
  • Or are your family and kids mess driving you to distraction?
  • At work, if you can’t think when you sit down at your desk, 
  • Do you waste hours looking for lost items,

If this is how you feel then I hate to say it but clutter is controlling you.  And sadly too much chaos has the effect of shutting down not only your creativity, but it also makes you less productive and can even make you feel depressed.

Research has shown that women were particularly stressed out by the presence of clutter.

According to one study, the amount of stress women experience at home is directly proportional to the amount of stuff they and their family have accumulated. So the message is clear, clutter and mess is creating greater stress in your life

Clutter overloads your senses:

  • Clutter robs you of mental energy, leaving you feeling anxious, tired, and overwhelmed.
  • Clutter and mess frustrate you.
  • It makes you lose things
  • It wastes your time.

If clutter is taking over your life and leaving you feeling stressed as the research shows, then you are going to reach for a short-term sugary treat, as a reward. You know it is easier to reach for toast and marmalade or a Tunnock Tea Cake to resolve your feelings of stress and overwhelm. But if you take a moment, break it down and tackle your mess you will soothe your mind and resist the treats.

Get rid of clutter, ease your mind and lose weight

Therefore if you take positive steps to declutter your life it will enable you to reset your mindset and will aid you in your gorgeous journey towards your best health and vitality. And you will lose weight!

Organising and decluttering will give you a sense of space, calm and freedom.

How does that sound?  Space, calm and freedom?

When you enter a pleasing, uncluttered space, your mind sharpens and your ability to concentrate and focus increases.  Decluttering often acts as a gateway to taking better care of other aspects of life. You are more likely to make healthy eating choices if you feel happier and more relaxed in your environment

Can you see the bigger picture?  Is that worth working towards? Would you consider putting aside an hour and having a tidy up?

Please be assured this doesn’t mean that my own home is spotless, empty, or devoid of warmth and personality – far from it. It means that I managed the items I own and enjoy, and try to keep on top of clutter, rehoming considerately anything unwanted. I have a 3 x permanent recycle boxes and a ‘DONATE’ box in the back of my shoe cupboard and I am constantly asking my kids:

“anything you want to give away to charity?  Anything you want to get rid of to help a small child ?”

They look at me nervously..

Okay so I may not have got the “clutter balance” quite right, but don’t let that stop you from making a start with your home. Harness my obsessive nature to create an equilibrium that suits you.

Clutter is a mindset issue – clutter represents your underlining fear

It’s not the stuff that’s the problem — it’s a matter of your mindset.  Your busy head has been physically manifested as a messy desk or overflowing cupboards. Your brain is messy therefore your desk is messy. Clear the mess and it will help you manage your thoughts and fears.

You may think that clutter is because you:

  • have too much stuff,
  • too little space,
  • or not enough time to keep things organized.

But the latest scientific evidence shows that clutter is an “inside job.”  The main underlying reason you hang on to things is fear. Your possessions are wrapped up in your feelings of security, status, comfort, and love.

Perhaps you feel guilty about the money you have wasted so you keep the stuff to justify your purchase?

Or maybe your fear is wrapped up with regret?  What if you regret throwing something out and wish you hadn’t later? These feelings of fear and regret will paralyse you from doing anything and hold you back from reaching bigger goals like working on your health and well being.

How you can move forward with your declutter and letting go of your fear

Shining the light of awareness on why you are cluttering your home or workspaces is your first step. Realising that your life has become cluttered is your first awareness barrier.  Know yourself and understand why you are making yourself so busy, will help you to find the strength to make changes. Education is important to me, but not school education, personal education or your inner work. It is your inner work that needs help and if you start with your own mess the rest will follow.

Clear your clutter – 5 x Gorgeous Practical solutions

Step 1 Be aware of your clutter.  Are your possessions adding to your life? Does it give you joy? If the answer is no, it’s got to go.

Step 2: Do you feel ready to tackle your clutter is your mindset in gear? Are you comfortable with WHY  you are tackling your mess?

Step 3 Use 5 x containers/baskets
You don’t need any fancy tools or gimmicks all you need is a couple of bin liners and/or a few cardboard boxes.

  1. Put away – items that have crept out and are lying around the house
  2. Recycle put items that need recycling in this container – plastic, glass, metal etc
  3. Fix/mend – I have a big plastic box in my utility room where all the broken ‘bits’ go – then it is my husbands’ domain – That is it simple and sorted 🙂 Sexist maybe, efficient definitely
  4. Bin –  remember this is going to landfill so if someone (other than you) can use it pass it on.
  5. DONATE – my donation box is a permanent fixture at the back of my shoe cupboard, I empty it once a month (or twice if I am allowed)

Step 4: Start small Begin with one cupboard or a room at a time.

For instance look at one draw in your bedroom and sort out into the 5 categories above: put away, bin, recycle, mend, or donate

  • Mismatched socks. Keep a small basket on top of your bureau for miss-matched socks. If after a month you haven’t found a match, either toss them or re-purpose them as dust rags.
  • Glasses with the wrong prescription. Donate these immediately. Someone else could be using them.
  • Accessories you never wear. How many accessories do you need? Donate items you haven’t worn in years, and organize and store the baubles you actually wear.
  • Old clothing that no longer fits.
  • Broken sunglasses. You say you’re going to buy one of those kits to fix them but you haven’t yet, so toss them.
    Shoes that you haven’t worn in five years.

Step 5 Don’t tackle everything at once work through your house systematically one gorgeous step at a time.  Remember you are decluttering not cleaning, stay focused and break it down into manageable chunks.

  1. Your bathroom cupboards
  2. Bedroom nightstand, cupboards and dressers
  3. Clothing – that needs a whole section on its own
  4. Kitchen what can you donate, bin, recycle, or put in the right cupboard?
  5. Living room – bookcases, tables, electronics
  6. Kids room – oh okay close the door on that one

Other Gorgeous Declutter Tips:

The six-month rule
Haven’t used, worn or read something in the last six months? Doubt you’ll find a use for it in the future or that flares will come back into fashion? If it’s not been used for six months then it’s probably safe to get rid of it.

List your items on freecycle
Ready to part with larger items such as furniture or bikes? Put them on Freecycle and make someone’s spring that much brighter.

Use your hangers
Declutter your wardrobe by putting all your hangers facing in one direction and when you’ve worn something put it back in the wardrobe facing the other direction. You’ll easily be able to see what you’ve actually worn and what you can let go of.

Share don’t buy
If spring decluttering leaves you excited with DIY ambitions, resist the temptation of buying shiny new tools that you’ll only use once. Whether it’s tools, an ironing board or a slow-cooker you’re after, chances are high that someone is storing one nearby and as an extra bonus, you might make a new friend.

POST your comments below and let me know you get on with your declutter, do you feel better?  I would love to see some photos.

If you would like to find a clearer path to a clearer more gorgeous mindset, together with a healthy nutritional plan and exercise that works for you.  If you are ready for change and want a focused goal then feel free to apply for some time with me click here and apply for your personal session now.

You and I can talk through your mindset health blocks, understand what is pulling you away from your health goals. By the end of the call, you’ll know exactly what you need to do get your health goals in place. Once you are clear on that, we can discuss ways that I can help you to get your plan your health strategy in easy steps.

We may decide to work together to help you reach your health goals successfully – and if so great – if not then that’s okay too. You’ll still have a clear plan to move your life forward.

So click here and let’s chat I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

I do not feel the need to hide less healthy food away but nor do I feel as someone commented that they do not want to eat sweet things at least sometimes. This made me realise that I am feeling generally more confident about food choices.

I think the main reason for this is that your programme is not a diet – so there is no need to feel deprived of anything or feel hungry.  This in turn means not only that I don’t feel cravings for things I “can’t have” and also there is not the feeling that “I have messed up today so it doesn’t matter anymore, I will have to start again tomorrow” which could lead to further unhealthy choices for the rest of the day.

Now I know that the occasional biscuit (or ice cream in hot weather) is not a problem as long as it stays occasional and the good habits are kept up most of the time I am feeling much more confident.  Of course logically I knew this already but now really understand it.

This feels like one of those “light-bulb” moments – realising the benefit of that changed mindset.”

Sue Banham 14th July 2017

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