10 tips to stay gorgeous

10 things you can add to your day to help you feel and look fantastic every day.  Ideas on how to promote your wellbeing and inner calm throughout your busy day.  In this blog, I have outlined 10 things you can do to improve your focus, your health, nutrition and your fitness.  Get Gorgeous works by adding in new, small habits that push out bad habits.  Habits that are no longer serving you, or helping you get where you want to go.  Ten top tips to help you feel and look fantastic every day.

Tip 1: Be Bored

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Research has proven that being bored is good for your health.  Whilst waiting for a chai latte, or standing outside waiting for your favourite Pilates class cultivate that feeling of being bored. Cambridge University watched brain activity whilst participants were bored playing card games that they were familiar with.  Going slower and downing gear is essential for your health and will allow your brain to fulfil vital functions. Being bored is good for you. Read more here: Being bored is good for your health

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Tip 2:  Practice Pilates

Pilates is a mind-body technique it is wonderful to rebalance your mind and your body after a long hard day in the office.  Pilates has revolutionised the way exercise has been taught so much so that its principles have been incorporated into all exercise programmes. Good posture and abdominal strength benefit everyone. Find out more about Pilates 

Find out more about Adele’s Pilates www.adelespilates.co.uk/online

Tip 3: Drink more water

Push out your caffeine addiction by adding in a new water habit.  Drinking up to 8 glasses a day will help keep you hydrated, focused and reduce stress on your joints. Most of us don’t drink nearly enough water, aim to drink around 2 litres or 8 x 250ml glasses of water.  Let me help you, join my free water challenge and I will motivate you in my 10-day water challenge

Tip 4:  Give up perfectionism

Being right all the time, having an ordered life, a long to-do list and goal setting may make you reach your dreams but at what cost?  Micromanaging your office, career, family and even your friendship groups can detract from your enjoyment of the day and your life. It can be embedded so deep into the female characteristics that is is hard to observe and step back from. Do you forgive others but not yourself? Read more about recovering from perfectionism

Tip 5: Express yourself more and eat less 

Feel your emotions don’t eat over them! A frustration, hurt and pain are stored in your body as physical weights and can cause you physical discomfort or even pain.  Women are better at concealing their frustration than men which in turn buries that emotion inwards, damaging your health and your self-esteem. Louise Hay believes that physical symptoms are merely tangible evidence of what is going on in your subconscious mind and gives you an indication of what you are really feeling deep inside.   Read more about Giving yourself permission to feel emotions – don’t eat your sadness, express it

Tip 6:  Practice Relaxation

Relaxation and Pilates go hand in hand, the mind-body discipline allows you to remove yourself from everyday worries and concerns and the physical effort helps you to concentrate on your body.  Develop the focus to switch off your daily thoughts as your mind listens intuitively to your body.  Join me for the next Pilates and meditation workshop in Topsham, Devon. Or further afield in Spain 2019 for a Pilates and Yoga retreat in glorious sunshine May 18th-25th 2019

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Tip 7:  10,000 steps a day

A study by the University of Leicester found that self-proclaimed slow walkers—regardless of sex—were around twice as likely to die of a cardiovascular malfunction than participants who considered themselves ‘brisk’ walkers.  Knowing how far you can walk in a day will motivate you. How many calories will you burn if you walk 10,000 steps a day? For example, if you are aged 45 and weighing about 11 stone you can burn around 400 calories by walking 10,000 steps briskly (3-5mph). Walk fast and improve your life

Are you getting enough sleep? - Get Gorgeous

Join me for a 10-day Tummy challenge – 10 days for 10 minutes a day using Pilates exercises. Here is the link to find out more 

Tip 8:  Get more sleep

If like me, you are menopausal or peri-menopausal then no you are probably not getting enough sleep. If you are stressed, have kids, have a job, have a life! then again no you are probably not getting enough sleep. But the question is how much sleep should you be getting? If you know the answer to this then you are probably able to let go of that worry and concern especially when you realise that you may have been aiming for too much sleep. Sleep – are you getting enough? 7 Easy changes to make sure you do

Tip 9:  Tidy Up!

Have you ever explored how clutter will affect your morale and your energy levels? Have you considered how mess can affect your brain space?   “Clutter stress”  is making you stressed and gain weight.

Clutter is a nagging reminder that your work is never done.   It then reinforces your negative self-talk that you are lazy or a procrastinator.  It’s a constant “should” hanging over your head, burdening you with guilt. 5 tips to reduce clutter


Clutter adds to stress 5 easy ways to reduce clutter

Tip 10:  Eat more immune busting foods

The best way to ward of colds and flu is to eat more foods that can fight off infection.

  • Garlic helps to feed probiotics in your gut and contains allicin which helps fight infection.
  • Natural Greek yoghurt is packed with probiotics to help good bacteria growth in your gut.
  • Berries  are jam-packed with vitamin C
  • Coconut oil contains lauric acid and has a natural antibacterial and antiviral compounds.  Read more about the fantastic properties of coconut oil

Improve your relationship with your body

Gorgeous! is the perfect read for anyone looking to revolutionise not only their relationship with food and movement but also their relationship with themselves.

“With Adele’s reassurance and expert guidance, any woman will feel inspired and empowered to begin their journey to prioritising themselves and their health – every body is perfect and every body is gorgeous!”


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Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.

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Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

Feeling so good rolling with the positive momentum of my Adele Stickland Get Gorgeous Pilates retreat in Spain.

Flowing easily with getting up earlier to give myself 90 minutes of delicious ‘me time’ first thing – whatever takes my fancy……meditation, strolling outdoors in nature, Nordic walking, Pilates, inspirational reading/audios/videos, educating myself about nutrition, journaling, a bath/shower…

And otherwise, making sure there’s a big jug of lemon water in the fridge to drink all day; choosing healthier and more nutritious foods; using a smaller plate / smaller portions / eating mindfully. None of this was foisted on us by Adele. We were simply offered it for a week in a joyful, spacious, easy going, restful rhythm and I don’t want to stop!! (Which belies the enormous about of thought and organisation that went into creating the retreat.) Adele teaches via connection, example and inspiration. She is sparkling, fun loving (what a gorgeous chuckle), deeply caring and understanding, natural and ‘real’, combined with awesome expertise and health wisdom. And draws a similarly easy-going, relaxed, positive circle around her. As well as having a wonderful time on retreat together, I have come home having made some very special new friends indeed – a bonus I wasn’t expecting.

And so now, all that remains is for me to continue the intention fostered on retreat to ‘honour my body’ and finish reading Adele’s wonderful new book, Gorgeous. Thank you so much! ????????????????

Join my next Pilates retreat day focusing on Relaxation, Pilates, Self Care

Join us for some Spanish warmth, Pilates exercises and time to relax, unwind and consider your next steps for you.  A healthy and relaxing week combining powerful tools to help you relax, release stress. How often do you have the chance to step back from your day and … breathe?

Next Wellness retreat to Greece, with daily Pilates in the warm sun and wonderful company click here 


Maggie Kay Retreat organiser, author and Thrivecraft Coach Gorgeous Pilates Retreat 28th May 2019

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Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

Mary Waring Financial Advisor at www.wealth-for-women.co.uk/ Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book 28th October 2017




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