Give yourself permission to feel emotions

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Anger, frustration, hurt and pain are stored in your body as physical weights and can cause you physical discomfort or even pain.  Women are better at concealing their frustration than men which in turn buries that emotion inwards, damaging your health and your self-esteem. This unhealthy practice can lead to longer-term problems. This blog will equip you with solutions on how to process these feelings safely and positively.

Anger, frustration, hurt and pain are stored in your body.

Louise Hay believes that physical symptoms are merely tangible evidence of what is going on in your subconscious mind and gives you an indication of what you are really feeling deep inside. Your feelings play an important role in letting you know that you have feelings that need to be met. If you ignore your feelings on a long-term basis then your subconscious mind must find another way to get its message across and get you to listen.  Feelings are your warning signals that something is wrong, your body and your mind are out of kilter.

Neuropeptides are hormones such as endorphins, cortisol and adrenaline are influenced and released by your emotions. So positive emotions will release happy hormones like endorphins or oxytocin. These emotions make you feel good, boost your immune system, relax your muscles, elevate your mood and interestingly reduce your pain. Negative emotions will release more cortisol and adrenaline with the ‘fight or flight’ reaction. These emotions and corresponding hormone release cause your heart to beat faster, make your blood vessels dilate which makes your skin flush, tighten your muscles, shallows your breathing and brings your body to high alert.

You can imagine that prolonged release of these hormones will be harmful – it suppresses your immune system, impairs your digestion, uses up your vitamins and minerals, causes pain, stiffness, creates inflammation and drains your vitality.  In addition, your brain and body create a strong neural pathway that they are quick to revert to. Changing the course of your neural pathway and changing the hormones that you release can be done, over time.Do you need some space and time?  Spanish warmth with Pilates exercise and time to unwind click here to find out more


Deal with your emotions as they arise

It isn’t easy to deal with painful emotions head-on, so wait for a time that feels good for you.  Remember why you want to sit with your feelings because it will help promote your good health and well-being both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

If you don’t deal with pain when it occurs, it will resurface later on — showing up as insomnia, hostility, anger, or fear and anxiety.  You may not even be consciously aware of any stuck emotions on a daily basis… but they are clogging you up and robbing you of joy, lightness, and bliss. Maybe your unprocessed emotions show up in the form of unexpected anger toward your loved ones… or as an unreasonable amount of resentment or judgment towards people, you don’t know.

Most of your issues and hang-ups stem from unprocessed feelings.  If you don’t listen to your feelings you end up eating over your feelings, drink over them, work over them, use drugs over them, gossip over them, complain over them.


Don’t miss Sandra’s journey with emotional turmoil and lashing out at work


Your stuck emotions hold you back in every area of your life. They become toxic sludge in your subconscious.  They hold you back in how you connect with others and affect the level of joy that you experience on a daily basis. Here are some straightforward, simple exercises you can gradually bring into your life to get rid of these old emotions, expunge your frustrations and feelings of fear that lead you to fly off the handle.


1. Clear away any disturbances

Create a calm space for yourself and turn off your phone,  computer, or anything else that could infiltrate into your calm energetic space. Pick a time when you know that you’ll be able to feel safe and secure and you won’t be disturbed. Choose any quiet place where you feel calm. – maybe the bath or perhaps a seat that is really comfortable.

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2.  Find your peaceful and quiet place

In order for your emotion to feel safe enough to come up for you, it is best that you become physically still. Emotions flow through your softened body, make sure that you’re in a relaxed position and your muscles are relaxed and soft.  Begin relaxing by starting with your toes and work up your body, tensing and releasing each part of your gorgeous body. For a few minutes, close your eyes and just sit in silence.


3. Breathe deeply

Use your soft, flowing breath to connect your mind to your gorgeous body. Breathe deeply, expanding your breath into every part of your body. As you do this you may notice places in your body where you are holding physical tension.

  • Soften your shoulders. Let your tongue drop from the roof of your mouth.
  • Relax your legs fully.
  • Breathe into every part of your body, and begin to notice what starts rising up for you, without judging whatever you find.

With your eyes still softly closed, recall some circumstance in the recent past that has upset you. It may be a time when you felt you were mistreated, an argument with your partner, or perhaps a past injustice at work  Identify some instance where you felt emotionally upset. Think about the detail of that incident. Try to picture what actually happened as vividly as you can, as if you were telling a really close friend.  Bring emotion to your telling of the story.  Now sit back and watch the event, witness it as if you were your friend and identify how you feel

Getting a great night’s sleep helps you to put these emotions into perspective – click here to find out how much sleep you need


4. Find where your emotions are hiding in your body

You may start to notice certain areas that are tenser than others or specific emotions that you may be able to name simply by feeling them. You might notice things like:

  • “I feel anxious in my stomach”
  • “I feel sadness in my heart” 
  • “I feel anger in my chest.”

Whatever you notice, it isn’t right or wrong, bad or good. It just is. If you are able to, name your findings out loud (i.e., “I feel grief in my heart”) Saying and exploring your feelings out loud will help to validate them and feel them.  Then place your hand on the part of your body where you sense that the feeling is located. Saying out loud: “It hurts here.” If you’re aware of more than one location for the pain, move your hand from place to place.

It isn’t always easy to find or work on these emotions on your own, if you would love a helping hand book sometime with me 


5. Thank your emotions

Now, with whatever emotions you have found, thank them for being there and for allowing you to be aware of them. For the next 30 seconds, just feel the painful sensation leaving your body with every breath. You may feel comfortable making a noise that resonates with that part of your body where you feel your pain and it will help to loosen its grip.

Sharing the outcome of releasing your pain is important because it activates the new pattern of behaviour after the old painful pattern is released.



  • Practice describing your feelings
  • Feel an emotion for 90 seconds and feel it change naturally
  • Allow it to pass through you naturally
  • Past feelings are safe to experience
  • Honour them and release them.

Let me know POST your comments below and let me know which emotion was stored in your body and how this simple practice felt for you.

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Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.

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“Gorgeous! The psychology of this book has opened my eyes into realising that things have to change and can change. For the better. The other topics on eating and the misconceptions of what to eat have blown my mind and understanding the importance of fitness from both a physical and mental perspective. I’m so pleased I trusted my gut and bought this book



Find out what other gorgeous clients have to say…

I do not feel the need to hide less healthy food away but nor do I feel as someone commented that they do not want to eat sweet things at least sometimes. This made me realise that I am feeling generally more confident about food choices.

I think the main reason for this is that your programme is not a diet – so there is no need to feel deprived of anything or feel hungry.  This in turn means not only that I don’t feel cravings for things I “can’t have” and also there is not the feeling that “I have messed up today so it doesn’t matter anymore, I will have to start again tomorrow” which could lead to further unhealthy choices for the rest of the day.

Now I know that the occasional biscuit (or ice cream in hot weather) is not a problem as long as it stays occasional and the good habits are kept up most of the time I am feeling much more confident.  Of course logically I knew this already but now really understand it.

This feels like one of those “light-bulb” moments – realising the benefit of that changed mindset.”

Sue Banham 14th July 2017

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