Easy strategies to stop snacking at 7pm night

Are you a 7pm tea and toast girl or a mid-morning chocolate biscuit kinda lass?  When you are trying to stick to a healthy eating plan how do you stay clear of tempting yet illegal snacks?  Perhaps you eat well all day and then fall down whilst watching the telly snuggled up at night? I find the daytime chocolate snacking at my desk a big temptation and also the late at night snacking is troublesome for me as well. This blog will investigate what you can do to reduce your snacking habit and how you can adapt what you eat into a healthy snack instead. You can use one simple strategy that will satisfy your inner craving.


1. When are you most susceptible?

The first thing to consider is to know when your danger times are, knowing yourself is the key to pre-planning.  When are you prone to snacking? What time of day or night is your favourite time to indulge in a naughty something?

I teach Pilates a couple of evenings a week and so my big downfall is what can I eat at 8 pm at night? Plus I want to look after myself after I have looked after lots of wonderful clients, I need something tasty for me.   What am I going to eat that isn’t going to mess up my day of healthy eating loveliness?

In the evenings after work, I have one of two strategies:

  1. Intermittent fast until the next morning – extending my hours of not eating
  2. I choose a snack that will satiate both my ‘looking after myself’ need as well as hunger need.  I choose Greek yoghurt, berries and honey – yummy x


Weekends are my big downfall……..

If I am truly honest at the weekend my favourite snack is Burts or Tyrell’s crisps, I adore them. I am a discerning crips snob, who isn’t?  I am sure you have your favourite? Personally, I can’t eat any other brands they taste so processed and yucky, I don’t care what handsome Gary says… obviously, I do care what handsome Gary says but not on his choice of crisps, we differ there.


When is your danger zone?

It is simple Tyrells are my crisps, not the kids, not anyone but mine, everyone in my house is made aware of the mummy rules!  These are my weekend treats, wow Adele you live life to the full!  Yup I know how to kick back big styleeeeeee – a bag of crisps is how I live it up.

It is a strategy…

It is a strategy that I use and it works for me, it may or may not work for you.  I avoid crisps during the week and look forward to enjoying them at the weekend.  I have a cunning plan of ordering my dark chocolate and crips with my online shopping and hiding them, and generally, I forget about them, until my weekend treat – sorted.

During the week after my evening classes, if I don’t plan then I am susceptible to eating whatever I can get my hands on:

  • a small child,
  • a chicken,
  • a loaf of bread!

I have to plan. I have dabbled in all sorts of evening snacks over the years, trying to work out if carbs are best for rest and sleepiness, or if I need to build up muscle after a workout and eat protein,  or perhaps an avocado will satiate and let me get off to sleep.

Tried all of those and a few more besides and I have found what works for me…


2. Why are you snacking?

Are you driven by hunger, boredom or need of comfort?

Do you need a snack because you are hungry or do you want a snack because you are looking after yourself is the only way you know how?   Take a step back and take the time to consider the reason and the trigger for the snack attack.

Try a quick habit interruption strategy which can be as simple as asking yourself a question – “Why am I snacking?  Am I hungry, bored or need a treat? Or am I simply need some comfort for a job well done?” In which case where is the ……..dog/cat/child/new handbag?

What feeling are you quashing down that need to be expressed, did your boss or coach say something to upset you?  Did Jeremy from accounts trigger a response when he mentioned how quickly you ate your lunch?

Take a moment to look at why you feel that pang and listen. It really is as simple as that, no judgement, simple curiosity.  Have you read my blog on giving yourself permission to express your feelings?   It is so much healthier for you to do this, not in a ‘shouty way’ but listening and exploring, in a kind way.

Click here to read ‘give yourself permission to express your feelings’

3. Do you need a snack?

If you grab a marathon, mars bar, a bag of Maltesers or a bag of crisps every time you are heading out of a shop, petrol station or pack your lunch, you have got it wrong. You are not eating enough nutrients at your mealtimes and you are craving, starving simply because not getting enough vitamins in your body. Your body and brain are telling you are hungry presumably because you haven’t eaten enough protein that day and you are simply a slave to that carb cycle you are on.

Or maybe it is simply a habit that you have created over the years using the thought process “well it is only once a day, what is the harm – it is my treat?”

Treats are great, treats should enhance your day and make you feel good about yourself, not beat you up after you have consumed them. Or make you feel terrible after your sugar spike.


If you are starving hungry between meals and you have eaten a well at your meal times then your trigger is probably that you have been active and need extra fuel

I read so many articles, reports and research into snacking and whether the extra calories make you fat and it is all counter-intuitive and ties the modern women in knots with research counterclaims. It is common sense.

Know the truth:  avoid crisps and low-quality snack foods and eat protein and slow-releasing carbs if you feel hungry and have been exercising.

What else can you eat?

Let’s tackle the snack attack problem head-on 

Yoghurt and fruit is my evening snack “go-to”.  It ticks lots of boxes,  it is sweet and I add berries cos they are low GI and they are a superfood (contain higher than average vitamins) with a bit of natural honey to help with my hayfever 😉 in December! I use FAGE real Greek yoghurt, it is a good balance of protein, carbs and fats plus it is full of probiotics. It is the real deal and not processed yoghurts.

Have you read what are pre and probiotics and why you should avoid yoghurt drinks?

Keep your food real. I love food and I want to be healthy, happy and fit for life


What are probiotics? why you shouldn't drink yoghurt - Get Gorgeous, Weight loss UK

Alternative Healthy Snacks:

  • Deliciously Ella’s dates and peanut butter
  • Greek Yogurt and Mixed Berries
  • Apple Slices with Peanut Butter
  • Cottage Cheese with Flaxseeds and Cinnamon
  • Celery Sticks with Cream Cheese
  • Dark Chocolate and Almonds
  • Mozzarella and tomatoes
  • chia seed pudding – comment below and I will send you my recipe
  • Cheese and carrots
  • Olives

4. Get your meals right, the snacks will take care of themselves

This article will have helped you to look at your own habits, know a little more about yourself. When you are prone to grabbing crisps and you know what to snack on as a happier alternative. However, adding new habits into your life is easier said than done. I know from experience. And it breaks down into 2 categories of mindset habits and nutrition.


Creating a new habit takes a while and you need love and patience with yourself


If you didn’t get your meals right then healthy snacking will be impossible. If you had cereal or toast for breakfast, it doesn’t matter how much willpower you have you will not go for a healthy snack.  Your sugar has dropped too low and you need another sugar fix.

Protein breakfast and you will find healthy snacking so much easier.

Don’t believe me?  Give it a go and let me know in the comments below

If I am making ‘common sense’ to you then book some time with me. Having the knowledge is one thing, it is putting it into practice that takes time, effort and skill which is easy if you take your time, don’t get distracted and stay focused on one priority at a time. If you would like some help finding your inner mojo and want to talk over your health issues and what you want to do about some of your existing bad habits, I would be delighted to support your transformation Book some time out for yourself click here

Here is a quick video I put together for those who are joining me to chat, it explains exactly what you and I will chat about


If you would like to understand your body more, get to grips with the nutritional balance that will work for you feel free to book in your free consultation time with me. You and I will discuss where you are currently and where you would love to be in 3 or 6 months time. I look forward to chatting with you



Get Gorgeous is a journey together – yours and mine.



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