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Celebrating a big birthday Karen knew that this was her LAST CHANCE to get it right and look after herself. After decades of dieting, she had done it all – Cambridge diet, Slimming World. She as great on the diet, stuck to the rules, but as soon as the diet was finished and she let go of the strict 800 calories daily count she was lost. She quickly put all her weight back on.

Karen had done this so often that she felt Get Gorgeous was her last attempt. She was at a low ebb when we first talked.

Only a 1/3rd way through her journey and Karen is transformed, she loves the challenge, her skin looks great, fewer wrinkles and she is not craving chocolate anymore which is something she would have never believed.

Watch Karen’s story in her words

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Adele x
Your Gorgeous Health Coach
•Gorgeous Mindset • Nutritionist •Exercise Professional

12th April 2018

All I can say is wow! Adele is a beautiful, supportive and an intuitive coach. I cannot believe that after just 6 weeks into my Get Gorgeous Premier journey how empowered, healthier, and happier I feel.

Adele helps you to address the whole package from inside out, with no judgement, quiet support and that listening ear to help you understand that life is full of ups and downs, and a gentle hand to help you get back on the road when you wander off in the wrong direction.

Adele has a genuine desire to help you to become the better self, that you deserve.

Thank for supporting me to change that imbalance in my life and helping me for the first time ever to look in the mirror and see a happy, imperfectly perfect confident woman.

Every woman needs and deserves an Adele in their life. X

Sandra Wiggns Business owner 10th March 2018

Catherine Yeandle Primary school teacher 23rd November 2017

Anne-marie Edworthy Teaching Assistant 23rd November 2017

Rachel Dawson Therapist 23rd November 2017

Vicky Etherington Entrepreneur and business owner Get Gorgeous 23rd November 2017

Gail had followed Weight Watchers and Slimming World for nearly 20 years, yet she was going nowhere and knew that the results were short term. They never worked in the long term and it didn’t feel like a life change they were a temporary fix.  She felt out of control with food and unhappy about it. She knew what she was doing was unhealthy but not knowing how to stop that, she needed guidance. She had read a lot about nutrition and the best things to do to get yourself fit and healthy but she couldn’t fit it into her family life. Gail is a legal secretary with twins.

Gail felt shame and guilt around her food choices, she felt out of control. She had the information on how to eat better and how to feel better but she needed to be part of something that was and guidance.  Working together Gail began to identify her binge eating was caused by boredom and feeling overwhelmed with her work and family.  She now eats intuitively and nourishes her body. she has now found a new direction and changed her life

Trying to do too much at once was overwhelming so she concentrated on the nutrition and worked towards to increasing her exercise

Gail’s results include:

  • Listening to her body and intuitive rather than mindless eating.
  • “Not stuffing her face” because she is eating emotionally
  • Thinking of her day as a whole instead of moving from one meal or snack to another.
  • Binge eating under control, she has identified she ate out of boredom and feeling overwhelmed emotionally or eating because she wanted to put things off.
  • Feelings of shame around her behaviour have gone.
  • Initially, Gail delayed starting the programme because she was scared of failing and she didn’t think she could do it, she didn’t eat of hunger,
  • Feeling full from proper food rather than eating because she was bored.
  • The mental load has been lifted there is no longer point counting, or weighing things, or have I had enough of this? Looking back that was such a waste of time.



Gail 'Ambassador' Jarvis Legal Secretary with twins 7th November 2017

Catherine’s life has changed forever, she is now able to focus on what is important to her rather than worrying about ‘silly things’. She is stronger, fitter and definitely happier since joining Get Gorgeous and working with her own personal Health Coach. Join Catherine and find out more about how you can increase your energy become calmer, and have a positive outlook to your health and well being. Improve your personal relationships with your family and yourself.

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By the end of the call, you’ll know exactly what you need to do get your health goals in place. Once you are clear on that, we can discuss ways that I can help you to get your plan your weight and health loss strategy in easy steps.

You and I can talk through your health blocks, understand what is pulling you away from your health goals. Explore and investigate, uncover and release. Wow doesn’t that sound soul-affirming? Find direction in your life, a sustainable way forward. A PLAN.  Wouldn’t you love an easy plan to follow?  Something simple not too taxing and yet overtime it will make a huge difference to your entire life?

We may decide to work together to help you reach your weight loss goals successfully – and if so great – if not then that’s okay too. You’ll still have a clear plan to move your life forward.

So click here and book your session now.

I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Catherine Yeandle Mum of 2 busy boys and a Teacher 31st October 2017

Karen Skidmore Business coach at www.karenskidmore.com 28th October 2017

Mary Waring Financial Advisor at www.wealth-for-women.co.uk/ 28th October 2017

“It’s not easy exactly, however, breaking it down into healthy chunks helps,” says Anne-Marie

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Anne-Marie Teaching Assistant 11th September 2017

Karen ” As a teacher, I love your evidence based approach. Adele. I am so pleased with my gorgeous adventure before my work was comprising my health and that has changed”

I am pleased that I have stopped using the scales AND I know eat more and LOSE weight!

Karen Bush Teacher 11th September 2017

Gorgeous Graduate Caroline NURSE and mummy of three 14th July 2017

I’ve been Get Gorgeous- ing for about a year too and I’ve noticed all sorts of changes. when I joined I too was hoping for a quick fix despite having read the blurb I still wanted the weight to drop off by magic! anyway I have moved away totally from weight as a measurement -we have no scales in the house.

I feel as though I am in a good place. I too look forward to exercise and I actively seek out new ways to exercise and new people to exercise with. actually doing enough cardio is something I need to work on in the weeks when life gets in the way of my cycling to work (I need to timetable some HIIT workouts more regularly) but I’m great at getting my 10k plus daily steps in and doing pilates and yoga weekly – I’m managing 1 run a week I want to up that to 3 short ones (and I still haven’t done my park run watch this space) I feel that I am actually looking after my body (and my soul with help from Adele Stickland) at last.

The emphasis every day in my head is on putting good things in to fuel and support and nourish my body not on depriving my body of anything. I feel proud of how strong and toned my body has become. I struggled a bit at first with the earning of the carbs but now its just a genuine habit – I don’t eat starchy carbs unless I have exercised I eat bolognasie or chilli etc without pasta or rice on those days and cheese it up – its delicious. planning ahead is becoming ingrained too and we always have enough veg in the fridge for a tasty salad – we add cooked green beans and asparagus and all sorts of variations on a theme and I’ve become a lidl /Aldi convert for their great selection of fresh fish. even the kids are eating fresh fish now! this post is too long but you get the idea. keep the faith and the rest will follow xxxxxx

(“free your mind and your ass will follow” is Julian Cope’s version)xxx

Helen Clegg Solicitor and mummy of two 14th July 2017

I have been on this Get Gorgeous journey for about a year. It’s been an up and down journey, but really feel I am in such a good place! I look forward to exercise, can’t imagine a week without it! Don’t make excuses not to go but always make time to go! 💪 Naturally now choose healthy foods, haven’t had a take away for months and no desire to! And my body, well never perfect but I love it ❤️ have learnt that not all size 12’s look good on me and I am happy to get rid of them rather than ‘wait’ to see if they fit!!! The big life changer is having the self belief and confidence to change career path. Just had a lovely comment from a reflexology client ‘slept like a baby’.
Thank you special gorgeous lady Adele Stickland x❤️

Caroline Twigg Nurse and mummy of 3 14th July 2017

So this is what Get Gorgeous has done for me!!! Addicted to exercise and having the right nutrition to fuel my gorgeous body💪👍🏼 It has been a fantastic journey

Caroline Twigg Nurse and mummy of 3 14th July 2017

I do not feel the need to hide less healthy food away but nor do I feel as someone commented that they do not want to eat sweet things at least sometimes. This made me realise that I am feeling generally more confident about food choices.

I think the main reason for this is that your programme is not a diet – so there is no need to feel deprived of anything or feel hungry.  This in turn means not only that I don’t feel cravings for things I “can’t have” and also there is not the feeling that “I have messed up today so it doesn’t matter anymore, I will have to start again tomorrow” which could lead to further unhealthy choices for the rest of the day.

Now I know that the occasional biscuit (or ice cream in hot weather) is not a problem as long as it stays occasional and the good habits are kept up most of the time I am feeling much more confident.  Of course logically I knew this already but now really understand it.

This feels like one of those “light-bulb” moments – realising the benefit of that changed mindset.”

Sue Banham 14th July 2017

I just want to say a big yippee & thank you to Adele….I am not going through GG as she planned….I am still on module 4 up to & including….& the pounds are slipping away….5 gone now….I feel comfortable in my clothes, have sustained energy, cheat a bit & don’t feel too bad because my tastes have really changed…..I just don’t get so hooked into carby temptations anymore…..IT IS FAB….wish I’d done it 10 years ago!!!
THANK YOU ADELE ….(although I still curse you as I do some of the exercises….can you hear me?!)

Jemima Gladwell Get Gorgeous Member 1st June 2016

default image

Adele ……..is a wealth of information on nutrition and the body. Most of all, she is always upbeat, encouraging and inclusive.

Debra Counsellor and counselling supervisor 1st June 2016

This is the perfect package for people just like me. It’s easy to follow, accepting of who I am, who I want to be and mistakes that I may make along the way. I really liked the flow and by the end I felt like an expert – you had given me the tools and the support and the motivation. I am a huge fan and will be your number one fan all the way!

Vicky Tearle Primary School Teacher 1st June 2016

Get Gorgeous has helped me boost my will power. It is a fresh new idea that has made me think again about how I eat and exercise. There were a few things in the course I knew already but didn’t want to face up to, such as the amount of sugar and additives in my food that I was ignoring, but now I feel renewed and empowered by Adele’s words to change mine and my family’s life for the better. I am now exercising more, sleeping more and no longer suffer from sugar cravings. 2016 is going to be a great and successful year for me and my family.

Andie Habeshaw Journalist and mummy of two 1st June 2016

Before I did Get Gorgeous I used to look in the mirror and feel so disappointed and upset with myself. I had no control over what I ate, I used to obsess everyday, all day about food, I used to constantly think about sugary foods, crisps, wine and the rest. I would get such strong urges to binge that it would leave me feeling stressed and depressed. I would over eat at every meal. I was grumpy with my family, short fused with my poor children and never happy with what I was wearing. I would walk around all tense and self conscious. NOW I feel energised, I feel sexy, I feel HEALTHY! I love my family more than ever as I have put my self obsessions away and there is more time in my head and heart for them. I have a new obsession EXERCISE!! I love it! It makes me feel fab, it puts colour in my cheeks and it makes food taste better than it ever has!! AND when I do have those naughties, I am at peace with it because I know that I am in control of how much and when and I know that my new lifestyle will be able to sustain that sugar. THANK YOU THANK YOU Adele Stickland and all you GG ladies for your support and guidance. What a fabulous community of women! Now where are the TSHIRTS so I can advertise the course whilst out EXERCISING!!!

Jenny Morris Gorgeous Pilates customer 31st May 2016