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Adele uses scientific research along with years of experience to let you know why you are struggling and gives you real world exercises to use to make changes to your life and your health.

Adele has great advice, along with stories to help your health journey. It’s not just what you eat but it is also your feelings that affect your health and weight. Adele helps readers to address the underlying causes of weight challenges. And she doesn’t make you feel bad in the process. She supports, encourages and celebrates you all along the way!

Donna Rose Visionary, author, speaker host podcast: Visionary Womenprenuers Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

“You cannot fail to be motivated and inspired by Adele’s infectious enthusiasm and holistic approach” Dr Penny McCarthy BSc (Hons), BMedSci, BMBS, DRCOG, MRCGP

Dr. Penny McCarthy BSc (Hons), BMedSci, BMBS, DRCOG, MRCGP Get Gorgeous Book

“It’s not easy exactly, however, breaking it down into healthy chunks helps,” says Anne-Marie

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Anne-Marie Teaching Assistant

“Having been in the catering trade for all of my working life I know a little about nutrition and have done courses in it. This book is full of no-nonsense information delivered in a unique way. You can almost hear Adele talking to you from the pages and she comes across as a really lovely person. She is your friend. She is your advisor and you will be all the happier for reading this book. We need to look after ourselves better and not beat ourselves up about it!
I read this book in a couple of days and it has become my new bible! 

It was a while before I realised this and reading this book made me realise that if I didn’t start to look after myself I would sink into depression….a feeling I know only too well.
Adele’s writing is direct and her knowledge is unsurpassed. This lady knows her stuff! So interesting to read the science behind the whole subject of nutrition.”


H. A . Daw Amazon reviewer Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

What wonderful comments from the fun-loving Sophie who loved our day together in Exeter – next one 30th November click here to find out more http://bit.ly/2S3ZJPB
“Just attended her Pilates & Meditation day in Exeter. Very nervous as have never attending anything like this before and also to meet Adele in person. The whole day was amazing, the studio, the event itself the other ladies were very friendly and welcoming. The quinoa chilli was worth the drive alone !! I am also pleased to say that Adele in person is exactly the Adele you feel in the Get Gorgeous book and from the zoom meetings. She challenges you in a safe and loving way to push yourself physically ( you can stay at level 1 but somehow she makes you want to try the level 3…) and emotionally and spiritually. Great day and lots to reflect on.”



Sophie Hicks Warburton Manager Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

All I can say is wow! Adele is a beautiful, supportive and intuitive coach. I cannot believe that after just 6 weeks into my Get Gorgeous journey how empowered, healthier, and happier I feel.

Adele helps you to address the whole package from inside out, with no judgement, quiet support and that listening ear to help you understand that life is full of ups and downs, and a gentle hand to help you get back on the road when you wander off in the wrong direction.

Adele has a genuine desire to help you to become the better self, that you deserve.

Thank for supporting me to change that imbalance in my life and helping me for the first time ever to look in the mirror and see a happy, imperfectly perfect confident woman.

Every woman needs and deserves an Adele in their life. 

Sandra Wiggns Business owner Get Gorgeous Premier

Karen J. Hewitt The Change Leader’s Change Leader. Behavioural and Culture Change specialist Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Sarah Mcilveen Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

So this is what Get Gorgeous has done for me!!! Addicted to exercise and having the right nutrition to fuel my gorgeous body.  It has been a fantastic journey

Caroline Twigg Nurse and mummy of 3

Gorgeous! is making very interesting reading and I’m enjoying every aspect. A lot of time and effort has gone into in-depth research and the overall health and nutritional advice are second to none. I’m definitely going to recommend it to all of my friends and family. I can’t wait to read more, as there’s still plenty of excellent recommendations and advice to come.

Sandra Davies Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

During my initial conversation with Adele, I found her to be warm, sincere with great integrity. Adele opened space for me to communicate, held the space and continually checked to see where I was in the conversation emotionally. I found that call extremely useful to understand what was going on for me, and as an NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, I would highly recommend working with Adele. You feel listened to supported and cared for!”

Whether you decide to work with me or not you will become very clear in your goals and have a clear awareness of where you need and want to go.  Let’s chat – click here to book your time: http://bit.ly/2tVmS7u

Speak soon

Adele x

Teresa Reay NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist Get Gorgeous

“I loved how it provoked me into thinking about so many different aspects of my own life, background and aspirations. Your’s insights and enthusiasm leap off the page and inspire positive change.”


Find out how you can grab a copy of the gorgeous book visit www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Trina Lake, Journalist Get Gorgeous Book

Shelley Hutchinson Client Nectar Get Gorgeous



Charlotte Cox Business Owner - Consumer Brand Marketer Get Gorgeous

Eileen Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Feeling so good rolling with the positive momentum of my Adele Stickland Get Gorgeous Pilates retreat in Spain.

Flowing easily with getting up earlier to give myself 90 minutes of delicious ‘me time’ first thing – whatever takes my fancy……meditation, strolling outdoors in nature, Nordic walking, Pilates, inspirational reading / audios / videos, educating myself about nutrition, journaling, a bath / shower…

And otherwise, making sure there’s a big jug of lemon water in the fridge to drink all day; choosing healthier and more nutritious foods; using a smaller plate / smaller portions / eating mindfully.

None of this was foisted on us by Adele. We were simply offered it for a week in a joyful, spacious, easy going, restful rhythm and I don’t want to stop!!

(Which belies the enormous about of thought and organisation that went into creating the retreat.)

Adele teaches via connection, example and inspiration. She is sparkling, fun loving (what a gorgeous chuckle), deeply caring and understanding, natural and ‘real’, combined with awesome expertise and health wisdom.

And draws a similarly easy-going, relaxed, positive circle around her. As well as having a wonderful time on retreat together, I have come home having made some very special new friends indeed – a bonus I wasn’t expecting.

And so now, all that remains is for me to continue the intention fostered on retreat to ‘honour my body’ and finish reading Adele’s wonderful new book, Gorgeous.

Thank you so much! 💕🙏🏻💕

Maggie Kay Retreat organiser, author and Thrivecraft Coach Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

I loved the combination of weight loss, Pilates and nutrition that appealed to Maggie Kay, who is a seasoned retreat goer.

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Maggie Kay Thrivecraft Coach Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

“I found Adele to be the best personal coach I have ever had. She was confident and reassuring and could face me out in my worst most unattractive behaviours and distortions, in my anger and resentment and blame, while still seeing and moving me on from the underlying self-loathing that was generating those behaviours.
In doing so, Adele moved me swiftly into self-supporting habits, without my inner resistance realising I had acted – quite spooky. I trust her judgement and I trust her as a person, one who I value as a friend, ally and professional colleague. Thank you for all you have given me and taught me.”

Jennifer Parry Company Owner: Restoring the Wild Soul in High Fliers Get Gorgeous

Before I did Get Gorgeous I used to look in the mirror and feel so disappointed and upset with myself. I had no control over what I ate, I used to obsess every day, all day about food, I used to constantly think about sugary foods, crisps, wine and the rest. I would get such strong urges to binge that it would leave me feeling stressed and depressed. I would overeat at every meal. I was grumpy with my family, short-fused with my poor children and never happy with what I was wearing. I would walk around all tense and self-conscious. NOW I feel energised, I feel sexy, I feel HEALTHY! I love my family more than ever as I have put my self obsessions away and there is more time in my head and heart for them. I have a new obsession EXERCISE!! I love it! It makes me feel fab, it puts colour in my cheeks and it makes food taste better than it ever has!! AND when I do have those naughties, I am at peace with it because I know that I am in control of how much and when and I know that my new lifestyle will be able to sustain that sugar.

Thank you Adele Stickland and all you GG ladies for your support and guidance. What a fabulous community of women! Now, where are the TSHIRTS so I can advertise the course whilst out EXERCISING!!!

Jenny Morris Gorgeous mum of 2 and a farmer Get Gorgeous

I just want to say a big yippee & thank you to Adele….I am not going through GG as she planned….I am still on module 4 up to & including….& the pounds are slipping away….5 gone now….I feel comfortable in my clothes, have sustained energy, cheat a bit & don’t feel too bad because my tastes have really changed…..I just don’t get so hooked into carby temptations anymore…..IT IS FAB….wish I’d done it 10 years ago!!!
THANK YOU ADELE ….(although I still curse you as I do some of the exercises….can you hear me?!)

Jemima Gladwell Get Gorgeous Member

Stuck in a rut? This book could change your bad habits forever for a healthier, happier you. Educational, insightful and funny. You know you can do it – I’m going to!


Visit www.get-gorgeous.com/book to find out how you can grab your copy.

Jo mum of 2 and about to hit the menopause www.get-gorgeous.com/book Get Gorgeous Book

Before and After

Catherine’s life has changed forever, she is now able to focus on what is important to her rather than worrying about ‘silly things’. She is stronger, fitter and definitely happier since joining Get Gorgeous and working with her own personal Health Coach. Join Catherine and find out more about how you can increase your energy become calmer, and have a positive outlook to your health and well being. Improve your personal relationships with your family and yourself.

Gorgeous Girls on my Premier programme work with me and get their goals set and mindset strong and focused in under 90 days with my proven methods and nutritional habits. Find out more book a call click here to book your session now.

Catherine Yeandle Mum of 3 busy boys and a Teacher

I have been on this Get Gorgeous journey for about a year. It’s been an up and down journey, but really feel I am in such a good place! I look forward to exercise, can’t imagine a week without it! Don’t make excuses not to go but always make time to go! ? Naturally now choose healthy foods, haven’t had a take away for months and no desire to! And my body, well never perfect but I love it ❤️ have learnt that not all size 12’s look good on me and I am happy to get rid of them rather than ‘wait’ to see if they fit!!! The big life changer is having the self belief and confidence to change career path. Just had a lovely comment from a reflexology client ‘slept like a baby’.
Thank you special gorgeous lady Adele Stickland x❤️

Caroline Twigg Nurse and mummy of 3

Get Gorgeous has helped me boost my willpower. It is a fresh new idea that has made me think again about how I eat and exercise. There were a few things in the course I knew already but didn’t want to face up to, such as the amount of sugar and additives in my food that I was ignoring, but now I feel renewed and empowered by Adele’s words to change mine and my family’s life for the better. I am now exercising more, sleeping more and no longer suffer from sugar cravings. 2019 is going to be a great and successful year for me and my family.

Andie Habeshaw Journalist and mummy of two

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Suzi French Author and Entrepreneur Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Celebrating a big birthday Karen knew that this was her LAST CHANCE to get it right and look after herself. After decades of dieting, she had done it all – Cambridge diet, Slimming World. She as great on the diet, stuck to the rules, but as soon as the diet was finished and she let go of the strict 800 calories daily count she was lost. She quickly put all her weight back on.

Karen had done this so often that she felt Get Gorgeous was her last attempt. She was at a low ebb when we first talked.

Only a 1/3rd way through her journey and Karen is transformed, she loves the challenge, her skin looks great, fewer wrinkles and she is not craving chocolate anymore which is something she would have never believed.

Watch Karen’s story in her words

If you would like to find a clearer path to a gorgeous mindset, together with a healthy nutritional plan and exercise that works for you.  Then let’s chat click here http://bit.ly/2tVmS7u

Adele x
Your Gorgeous Health Coach
•Gorgeous Mindset • Nutritionist •Exercise Professional

Karen Spicer

Mary Waring Financial Advisor at www.wealth-for-women.co.uk/

Anne-marie Edworthy Teaching Assistant

Karen ” As a teacher, I love your evidence based approach. Adele. I am so pleased with my gorgeous adventure before my work was comprising my health and that has changed”

I am pleased that I have stopped using the scales AND I know eat more and LOSE weight!

Karen Bush Teacher

I just wanted to email to say how much I loved class this evening. I always enjoy your class very much (not least because it’s the only hour of the week that I don’t have a child attached to me in one way or another!) but tonight just knocked the socks off of all others. Being outside is wonderful but I just loved how challenging it felt. I was totally in the zone. I feel I’m back to where I was pre-baby, if not stronger. And that is thanks to you. I think you’re incredible – so funny, so positive, so uplifting and so inspirational. Thank you!

Join in www.adelespilates.co.uk/online

Kimberley Bradford Business owner & mum of 2 Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Karen Skidmore Business coach at www.karenskidmore.com

After years and years of slowing gaining weight and feeling miserable about it, I started to work with Adele in December 2018. 4 weeks on and I have lost 11lbs, over Christmas as well. This programme really does work. But this is not a denial programme or a faddy approach to health and fitness. Losing weight after 40 is hard to do, but I have not found it so. I have felt no hunger pains, no cravings, have been able to look at trashy nutritionally empty food for what it is and make a choice. Equally, I have enjoyed delicious food including things I love such as cheese and hummus because they have been balanced and give me the protein I need. I can’t tell you what a joy it is to fit into my clothes and wear things in my wardrobe which I brought hoping to slim into some years ago. Adele is an accomplished life coach as well as fitness and nutritionalist and has practical tailored suggestions for me as a vegetarian. I am only on module 4 of 12 and am amazed by the results so far, looking forward to the rest to come!

Mary Account Manager at Defra Get Gorgeous

Adele is a bundle of fun and energy but extremely knowledgable too …I spent five hours with her and a dozen other lovely women at a workshop this Saturday in a beautiful space in Topsham …came out feeling very rejuvenated and calm at the same time … magic!

Day retreat in Exeter, Devon: http://bit.ly/2S3ZJPB

Anita Corbin Photographer Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Find out more book a call click here to book your session now. I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Rachel Hayward University Lecturer Get Gorgeous



Gail 'Ambassador' Jarvis Legal Secretary Get Gorgeous


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Karen Bush Teacher Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Helen Humble Yoga Teacher Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

A wide and far-reaching readership, here is what Paloma the miniature dachshund has to say:
“Gorgeous! is a wonderfully positive book to inspire women to live well and look after themselves, both physically and mentally. I loved Adele’s enthusiasm and energy which propelled me through the well presented and accessible pages.”

Paloma the miniature dachshund Sleeping and defending the family! Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

I have been into health, diet and fitness for the last 15 years and I am still struggling on my journey. Adele’s Get Gorgeous book, for me, brought it all together in an accessible, easy way. I realize now that I am in charge of that inner voice and that above all I need to look after me. Self-care Sunday will become a regular fixture in our household and quite frankly a good example to my kids going forward. Kids are under so much pressure today from parents, school, peers that I feel their inner voice and needs are silenced. They need Adele’s book as much as I do. Thank you Adele

Find out more www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Lucy www.get-gorgeous.com/book Get Gorgeous Book

“Adele’s superb knack of writing with a practical and motivating approach made this book a joy to read, with a scientific background that was easy to understand. Finally the effects of what I have been eating (and why), on my temperament and waistline, make sense. By introducing small changes along the way, I’m getting back my va va voom, my shape and my focus”



Alexia VA Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

I love being in control and confident in my body, I was approaching retirement and I wanted to be in the best shape I could be especially because a few of my friends were unwell

Alison Occupational Therapist Get Gorgeous

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Sarah McIlveen Business Owner - Consumer Brand Marketer Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Penny Power OBE describes Gorgeous! www.get-gorgeous.com/book as

“In a world that is trying to shift its energy, it is good to read this book that encourages us to love ourselves and feel gorgeous. The feeling we lack can infiltrate even the strongest minds. Adele has written a book that shows her dedication to people and their inner and outer beauty. This is worthy of reading for many people, of all ages.”

How wonderful


Penny Power OBE |Masterminds | Professional Speaker | Author “Business is Personal” Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Gorgeous Vanina explains her journey:
“Get Gorgeous was the best thing I have done for myself ever!… Toward the end of the programme, I reached the weight that suits my body structure and I have kept it stable for the past two years.. I still do come across a slice of cake or a piece of chocolate that get the worst out of me, but exercising habits and food principles that I acquired with Get Gorgeous are with me for the long-term and I feel so much stronger for it. I also enjoy the Pilates & relaxation workshops you run regularly throughout the year, or getting back on the tummy challenge; it is a great way to ‘touch base’ and share experiences with other ladies; I always find it enriching.”

Vanina Colomb Get Gorgeous

I appreciate Louise’s wonderful comments that are written from her heart. Louise gifted me as a client when she told me that I was a powerful and intuitive coach. I hold that comment close to my heart. Personal development is always important as a coach and I feel more comfortable with the balance of respecting a client’s personal journey, supporting and moving them forward. Which is why Louise’s comment is so important to me: “Adele’s ability to pinpoint some of my deeper limiting behaviours and beliefs was really helpful to understand myself better. Whilst challenging, I felt completely safe with her guidance and have now some good new thinking to work with”
Find out more www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Louise Seabrook Scrase Help senior managers accelerate their personal impact and achieve their ambitions Get Gorgeous

default image

Adele ……..is a wealth of information on nutrition and the body. Most of all, she is always upbeat, encouraging and inclusive.

Debra Counsellor and counselling supervisor

Adeles Gorgeous Pilates Retreat day @ Revitalize Studios for Be Nurtured – an enriching, supportive, nourishing day retreat in the beautiful historic town of Topsham, Exeter

Day retreat in Exeter, Devon: http://bit.ly/2S3ZJPB

Greek Journey to Wholeness beautiful island of Lefkada http://bit.ly/323emo2

Emily Solicitor Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Mary Colvill Business Executive for Government Department Get Gorgeous

I very rarely write reviews but I felt I had to on this occasion. What is essentially very powerful about this book is that it makes you confront why you eat the way you do. It takes you on a personal journey whilst simultaneously explaining the biological impact and nutrition behind your choices. I’ve never believed in ‘diets’ and this book has reinforced that belief. It’s down to earth and easy to read. Highly recommend!



Emma Mulhall Busy mum of 3 and school inspector Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book


Day retreat in Exeter, Devon: http://bit.ly/2S3ZJPB

Greek Journey to Wholeness beautiful island of Lefkada http://bit.ly/323emo2



Tracy Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

The mediation and yoga day was great. It was good value for money, calming and a very enjoyable day away from the stresses of life. Thank you


Find out more about travelling to Spain with me CLICK HERE

Natasha Wheeler-James Mum of 3 under 6 Pilates and meditation workshop

“Guides you through changing your mindset and your diet. Bang up to date with research and gives better more informed advice than the NHS, as uses very recent research to advise on dietary choices.”




Gill Whitehouse Amazon reviewer Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Andrea Ostle Teacher - retired Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

“All I can say is that it was a thoroughly lovely way to pass the afternoon: calming, restful and insightful. I am very much looking forward to the Spanish retreat next year 😊
Next day retreat http://bit.ly/2S3ZJPB
Spanish retreat http://bit.ly/2lniVK0

Tracy Edwards Office Manager Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Rachel Dawson Therapist

Adele debunks the myths and helps you approach your health from a more balanced, long term and impactful perspective. You can achieve weight loss, better health and well being without fad diets and calorie counting! Her approach and style are down to earth, funny and simply GORGEOUS! Highly recommend.

Find out more visit www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Lucy Murdoch Busy mum Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

A quick note to let you know that I loved your book. I read it as someone who is wanting to understand changes she can make to pull her health and wellbeing back into a place she is comfortable again.

I love it! You’ve done a fabulous job! I’m lucky enough to know you so could hear your voice in my head and enjoyed the easy style and chatty and gentle direction you offer.

I suspect it will do very well.

Bravo beautiful!

Simone Gilbert Simone Gilbert - Real Health & Vitality Get Gorgeous Book

A spellbinding book: the underlying seriousness of the content beguilingly presented in no nonsense language accessible to all. I began to read and forgot to breath until my tea was cold! Adele’s words and personality jump off the page with positive, life enhancing, nay life changing ‘tips,’ which are backed up by science (if your personal experience is not enough).

What I particularly liked was the way she deals with death and diet in the same calm but incredibly enabling tone. She does not undermine the power of grief but deftly deals with it in such a sure-footed manner that frankly I was quite unexpectedly moved to tears in what until then had been a positive ‘romp’ through important (but seemingly less definitively life changing) events, and how to deal with them.


Isolde Writer Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

“In a word: Wonderful!
Adele’s passion and compassion speak from every sentence and I found the concepts greatly meaningful and insightful. I am hugely impressed.”

Find out how you can get your hands on your copy www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Sarah Mcilveen Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

default image

I have just returned from my first retreat which was also Adele’s first too. Although being one of the first to book after Adele announced it in class last year, I was very apprehensive as  I didn’t know what to expect or anyone on the retreat. My daughter dropped me off at the airport where  Adele was waiting with her lovely big smile and enthusiastic welcome. After all meeting and a good flight to Spain Adele and her girl, Friday Katie drove us to a wonderful old mill house in rural Spain. Clean and comfortable with beautiful grounds for us all to enjoy after a good night sleep our days started with meditation followed by breakfast then our Pilates class, lunch the afternoon to relax or like a few of us a good walk into the small village a round trip of about 5miles. Early evening meeting and then dinner.

I am coming away feeling very relaxed and chilled also I have met some lovely people all with very different tales to tell. The food was to die for all cooked by Katie, mainly vegetarian with a little fish and every meal tasty and colourful, OH Katie you are an amazing young lady and when’s the book coming out.

Thank you, Adele, for a wonderful week which I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a real chill out week to recharge your batteries. Being on the next one!!!

Sarah Moore Holiday home owner Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

“I was lucky enough to attend a retreat day/workshop on Saturday. I had the most amazing time. It was so nice to spend time doing something just for me. Pilates, the most wonderful meditations, delicious tea & wonderful food. The other ladies were all gorgeous and I only wish the day could have been a little longer to allow us to get to know each other.
Adele is a tiny, gorgeous little bundle of energy and it was clear that she really enjoys what she does. Her warmth and enthusiasm made me feel instantly comfortable and afterwards I had plenty to think about. I am now going to read my book (again!) and see if i can talk my husband into sending me off on her retreat in Greece for my milestone birthday next year!”

Day retreat in Exeter, Devon: http://bit.ly/2S3ZJPB
Greek retreat 4-11th October 2020: http://bit.ly/323emo2


Hilary Daw Catering Manager Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

I found it fascinating. I don’t know if it’s our time in our lives, or if the way we think is different, but everything you wrote about is exactly where my head is, and how you presented the material, is just how I would explain things myself, so it all made perfect sense.

Obviously, your goal is to assist women to unlock a truer vision of themselves, and to understand the pitfalls we create for ourselves by hanging onto misconceptions in our inner dialogues. Weight is not the issue it’s our mindset and preconceived notions that have been honed and fostered, knowingly and subconsciously, throughout our lives.

I say to people, friends, all the time: do you hear what you are saying? The negative dialogue is what is crushing you…until you change the dialogue and the perception of yourself…nothing will change for you…
Also taking control of your environment, just because, ‘things have always been this way’…doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Small steps, one step at time, can make all the difference…and putting oneself FIRST, is paramount for any positive change, and success to occur. As women we have allowed society to take our power away, and feel that we are not worthy, or ‘enough’ unless we are all things, all the time, to everyone in our lives…well I’m sorry…but we, women, have made every person on this planet…so I think we are more than worthy, and enough…but I digress lol

I really liked how you presented the parts about social history, and how circumstances, over the last hundred years have shaped longstanding mindsets that affect the way we approach food…we must learn from the past, and start on a new path.

I could go on and on…I thought your examples/stories were relevant, humorous, and insightful.

I feel that what sets your book apart from other self-help books, is your willingness to share your personal history, and dialogue…you didn’t come to this fully formed, you took the journey as well, and I believe that openness has been a large part of what has created your success over the years, and with continue to…empathy is very powerful.

I will read your book again, and I feel that everyone I know should read it as well. I don’t know that I have given you exactly what you need, but I know you have given me something very special.

You’re amazing Adele. Thank you for being who you are.

Katie Burrows www.get-gorgeous.com/book Get Gorgeous Book

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Sally Chapman Human Resources Director Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

“A great book from Adele with the whys and hows of self-care, advice on a healthy diet and the science behind it with in-depth research references”

Dr Kate Thomas MBBS, MRCGP (retired GP) Retired GP Get Gorgeous Book

The next Pilates and Mediation day will be held at the beautiful Revitalise Studios, Topsham Exeter on Relaxation, Pilates, Self Care and nutrition – join me enjoy a restful day and stop the negative mind chatter and self-sabotage.  Find out more Spanish Retreat: http://bit.ly/2ub81Il and the day retreats in Exeter, Devon: http://bit.ly/2S3ZJPB

“The day was very relaxing and you can think about yourself and nobody else.  The day is full of like-minded people, different ages groups and walks of life but all interested in the same goal.”



Lesley Gibbins Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Thank you Adele for another brilliantly taught meditation workshop. It was the right balance of self- enquiry and meditation. A great venue and lovely food.

Glenis Aquilina Teacher Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

This is the perfect package for people just like me. It’s easy to follow, accepting of who I am, who I want to be and mistakes that I may make along the way. I really liked the flow and by the end I felt like an expert – you had given me the tools and the support and the motivation. I am a huge fan and will be your number one fan all the way!

Vicky Tearle Primary School Teacher

What was your health like before you joined Get Gorgeous?

“I’d noticed that I was getting a lot of colds. I’m also an academic so being in a school type environment so I was getting a lot of colds, but also I was feeling rather lethargic.

From a nutrition point of view, I felt that I wasn’t putting the right things in my body but I didn’t know what the alternatives should be or could be in order to just feel that physically, feel more improved physically.

What have you tried or done in the past to improve your health?

“When I was a lot younger, it was easy just to cut certain foods out, you know, because predominantly, it is a weight thing for me but actually it’s not.  I appreciate now that my weight is the outcome of what it was that I was putting into my body

I’ve tried typical other diets which worked for two to three weeks and then as soon as I eat normally, as I would call it, it all comes flooding back.

Rachel explains:

“I don’t want to feel deprived”

I like food and I’m the sort of person if you tell me I can’t have something then I want it all the more so I don’t want to be deprived and obviously what had happened is that you know, ‘

“I am active and I don’t want to feel hungry”

I have a dog and I’m quite active, but my body’s got used to that, so in order for me to change anything about me physically, there needed to be the combination of different food choices and moving more.

So whereas previously it was just a case of just not eating as much, and not changing anything on the movement side, and I think for a long time, actually, I was eating the wrong things and also not enough. My body was feeling constantly starved. – Yes. – But I’d be thinking, “I’m very hungry, “therefore I must be losing weight,” and then being disappointed. When actually, the scales were going the opposite way and I was confused, you know, because historically, put less in, the weight dropped off but that’s because my makeup was different then. I was a lot younger,

I realized when I hit my 40s that actually I needed some additional help with that because my old-fashioned habits weren’t working anymore and I think that’s been it, and as a result, I know when I’ve not drunk enough water now because I’m thirsty, and I know what thirsty means and I know what hungry means in my body”

“Now I feel more confident, proactive about managing my business because I am mindful of looking after myself”

“I feel more confident, more proactive about managing my business because I feel well, content and more mindful of looking after myself.   Looking after myself which is in harmony with my business not in lieu of anything that I should be doing, as a businesswoman. I am not starving myself”
I know that I live a million miles an hour that because of my work so I wanted something that would be naturally absorbed into my day to day life. I’ve tried other things before and I have to change my way of doing things too much, it didn’t fit, Get Gorgeous fits my lifestyle”

Rachel @askthechameleon askthechameleon Get Gorgeous

What brought you on board with Get Gorgeous? What inspired you to connect with me and come on board Get Gorgeous

“I was was missing something in my life.  I was not confident and  I just felt really empty. I followed you on your Pilates, I followed some of your blogs, and it’s just literally an email came in one day and said, why don’t we have a chat? And I just reached out, and from that very first conversation, I felt comfortable talking to you.”

So, from that position that you were in, what was it, was it seven, eight months ago, how are you feeling now, what is the transformation that you’ve seen in yourself?

“Everything’s changed. My life has completely changed,  I have just found the person that I want to be, and it’s not about creating myself, it’s just about being confident to be the person you want to be. I used to think everybody was judging me.

And now, you’re comfortable being yourself?

“I love being myself. I love the fact I can look in a mirror, and like, like myself. You have no idea, how powerful that has been.  The whole of my adult life, there are a handful of photographs of me, because I would not let anyone take my photograph, I didn’t like my looks, I was very detrimental about myself, and now, I will go out without makeup, I will have my hair into tousled, because it doesn’t need to be perfect. Because I’m not perfect, I’m so grateful for how I look, but I’m more grateful for how I feel”

You stepped into yourself and you are confident. And how has that affected your business?

“Oh my God, my business is flying. Flying. I have gone from being, that little girl behind the desk, who was too scared to come out from the desk, who was quite happy to shout and demand and push, because, that’s how you run a business, of course that’s how you run a business, isn’t it?

And the reality of it is, no, you don’t. You open yourself up. Opening yourself up and  sometimes, people look and don’t quite like you, I actually don’t worry about that any more, because, that’s about them, that’s not about me, I love how I can connect, especially how I can connect with other women. Never had that in my life. Never, always surrounded myself with masculinity, I now crave female contact. I am networking, something that I have never done.

And you’re speaking, as well. You’re speaking onstage, aren’t you?



“I am and that is so out of my comfort zone, I love the fact that I push myself out of that comfort zone, and I do that, and what I get back from it, is also my true self and I speak from the heart, because that is massive, I love that, and I love how it makes me feel.”

Good, that’s superb, am I right in thinking that you had a background with Slimming World and you were a leader, is that right?

Well,I’ve done Slimming World for two years, I’ve lost four stone, which was the start. 

But it didn’t help me with not liking myself very much and then I got to a point where I was thinking to myself: How can you tell yourself, you can have 15 sins a day? What is that  you’re saying to yourself? 15 sins, sins, the word sins.

I didn’t understand any nutrition, and it was the fact that I really wanted to understand more about how my body worked, what I ate, fuelled it, being told, yeah, you can eat endless low-fat things, and all of those things, and of course, now it’s coming out, isn’t it all those sugar in low fat things. It’s an absolute eye-opener, starting this journey. Opening my mind to learning about nutrition and just educating, educating myself.

I understand what it all does, it’s not about restriction, it’s about education.

Excellent. Brilliant. Inspiring words. Thank you so much, Sandra.

“No, thank you. As you know, my famous words are, everybody needs Adele in their live, So grateful you came into my life, so thank you.”

Gorgeous Girls on my Premier programme work with me and get their goals set and mindset strong and focused in under 90 days with my proven methods and nutritional habits. Find out more book a call click here to book your session now.

I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Sandra Wiggins Business owner Get Gorgeous Premier

Alison Convery Business Owner Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

“The retreat is a shared experience which I loved”

I am running a workshop at the beautiful Revitalise Studios, Topsham Exeter on Relaxation, Pilates, Self Care and nutrition – join me enjoy a restful day and stop the negative mind chatter and self-sabotage.  Find out more Spanish Retreat: http://bit.ly/2ub81Il and the day retreats in Exeter, Devon: http://bit.ly/2S3ZJPB

Jane Swannell Lawyer Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Gail had followed Weight Watchers and Slimming World for nearly 20 years, yet she was going nowhere and knew that the results were short term. They never worked in the long term and it didn’t feel like a life change they were a temporary fix.  She felt out of control with food and unhappy about it. She knew what she was doing was unhealthy but not knowing how to stop that, she needed guidance. She had read a lot about nutrition and the best things to do to get yourself fit and healthy but she couldn’t fit it into her family life. Gail is a legal secretary with twins.

Gail felt shame and guilt around her food choices, she felt out of control. She had the information on how to eat better and how to feel better but she needed to be part of something that was and guidance.  Working together Gail began to identify her binge eating was caused by boredom and feeling overwhelmed with her work and family.  She now eats intuitively and nourishes her body. she has now found a new direction and changed her life

Trying to do too much at once was overwhelming so she concentrated on the nutrition and worked towards to increasing her exercise

Gail’s results include:

  • Listening to her body and intuitive rather than mindless eating.
  • “Not stuffing her face” because she is eating emotionally
  • Thinking of her day as a whole instead of moving from one meal or snack to another.
  • Binge eating under control, she has identified she ate out of boredom and feeling overwhelmed emotionally or eating because she wanted to put things off.
  • Feelings of shame around her behaviour have gone.
  • Initially, Gail delayed starting the programme because she was scared of failing and she didn’t think she could do it, she didn’t eat of hunger,
  • Feeling full of proper food rather than eating because she was bored.
  • The mental load has been lifted there is no longer point counting, or weighing things, or have I had enough of this? Looking back that was such a waste of time.

Gail Jarvis Mum of twins

Vicky Etherington Entrepreneur and business owner Get Gorgeous

Avoid blaming someone else
It is easy to do, we all do it and yet it creates a rift between you and your new reality, your future. Believing that you don’t have support or that there is none to go swimming with. Read more: http://bit.ly/2YRn4Vi

Becky Hamilton Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

I’ve known Adele for some time, and I’m delighted to see that her character comes out so well in this book. I can hear her speaking to me as I read it!

The book is jam packed with no nonsense, practical down to earth advice as to how we can all improve our health and well being. It’s not about dropping those extra few pounds, it’s about self-care and eating in a way that nourishes you.
She addresses the issues so often missing in other advice: the link with your mindset, and why diets don’t work.

Devour the book and be gorgeous!

Mary Colvill Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

I do not feel the need to hide less healthy food away but nor do I feel as someone commented that they do not want to eat sweet things at least sometimes. This made me realise that I am feeling generally more confident about food choices.

I think the main reason for this is that your programme is not a diet – so there is no need to feel deprived of anything or feel hungry.  This in turn means not only that I don’t feel cravings for things I “can’t have” and also there is not the feeling that “I have messed up today so it doesn’t matter anymore, I will have to start again tomorrow” which could lead to further unhealthy choices for the rest of the day.

Now I know that the occasional biscuit (or ice cream in hot weather) is not a problem as long as it stays occasional and the good habits are kept up most of the time I am feeling much more confident.  Of course logically I knew this already but now really understand it.

This feels like one of those “light-bulb” moments – realising the benefit of that changed mindset.”

Sue Banham

I retired from the NHS in March 2018 after almost 40 years service, first as a nurse but for 35 years as a medical secretary, nursing had to go due to a back injury.   I felt very fat and uncomfortable! By following the Adele links I thought I would take the opportunity to book a call to have a chat with Adele.  Little did I know how this would change my life.  Sounds dramatic, but it absolutely has.

I don’t think I had thought about how committed I would need or want to be, I just thought Adele would help me to lose weight and get fitter, but at the end of that first call when I cried, sobbed and was an absolute mess, I realised I was on a path to a better way of life which I knew Adele would help me get through.

I was in the process of selling the family home which was taking a horrible amount of time and which was traumatic as the decision to move had been a hard one in the first place.  It was where we had lived for 20 years and where my darling husband Stuart had died in my arms after a short cruel illness but one he had fought so hard against.  On that first call, Adele helped me realise I was still grieving even if I believed I was fine although I knew the mask was still evident a lot of the time, safety net rules.

I signed up to the Get Gorgeous programme and got going with wholehearted commitment.  Within a short space of time, I was completely hooked on what the process was about and the possible end results.  Even though I was committed it was the support and encouragement of Adele that kept me going.  I was doing the workouts set out in the modules I was following.  I found doing the workouts on a daily basis easy to follow and enjoyable.  I was doing these on the suggested three times a week but as I progressed through the modules I was able to mix and match them through the week and so I was doing something every day, as well as walking and golfing.  Great strides.  I was also losing weight and feeling so much better for it.

The weight loss was becoming noticeable and I was receiving compliments from family and friends, which was a great morale booster for me.  I was starting to believe in me! Alongside me all the way was Adele whose encouragement, positivity and commitment to me (she made me feel as if I was the only person she was doing this for and so made me feel very special) was endless and worth so very much and to whom I will be forever grateful.  With the zoom meeting calls, Adele was able to see the changes in me and obviously my weekly submitted adherence sheets.  It was obvious it was working for me and I felt so incredibly positive and excited by what I was achieving.

Before I started the programme I was very sad, even though I believe I covered it well, I missed Stuart so very much and although I was busy in my life he was missing.   Since becoming a part of this journey I believe I am a bit more outgoing, although probably still feel more comfortable with those I know well and happy to be a part of the background.  I don’t think that is a negative thing but will change as I continue to grow in confidence.   I cannot tell you how much seeing and talking to Adele has done for me in self-belief and confidence.

Adele is one of the most positive, encouraging, committed people I have met.  She is so obviously knowledgeable about her subject and is keen to share this and help anyone achieve whatever they want,  can’t wait for the book.

She is so exuberant and delightful that I just want to do my best for her and myself.   For me the benefits are endless and although I have completed the modules the journey continues and becomes a positive way of life.  I feel that I am more forward-looking than I was before and that is a massive plus and I feel very proud of myself.

Along the journey of Get Gorgeous I have lost a stone and a half in weight and lost lots of inches and have become much fitter and so I think I have achieved what I set out to achieve.  Overall I feel so much lighter in mood and positive in my outlook which is a massive achievement and which is ongoing.    Adele Stickland is a most extraordinary woman who I adore and feel I can call a friend.  Thank You Adele.

Gill Fenwick Retired nurse Get Gorgeous

“This book is simply amazing. It is so well written and answered so many questions for me as to why diets fail. I now understand why the minute I am confronted with diets giving menus and shopping lists, good foods and bad foods I respond with a NNOOO! Having read this book I now know it’s my inner teenager rebelling, and oh boy I knew about rebellion in my teens. Listening to your body is something I’ve discovered over the years, now I know how valuable this is. What this book doesn’t offer is a quick weight loss solution, what it does offer is a grounded way to consider one’s actions, why we make the choices we do and with this understanding, be enabled to make a life style choice that will result in weight loss without rules and regulations attached to dieting. It is definitely an entertaining read, I couldn’t stop reading. The explanations are thorough and based in research without being heavy and dry, very meaningful and I would say, give this book a go, it could move you to a whole different level in your dieting life.”

Amazon review Reviewer "Gorgeous! how to look and feel fantastic every day" www.get-gorgeous.com/book Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

“I can highly recommend working with Adele for health, fitness, and weight loss issues. Her advice is clear, practical and simple to follow and what she doesn’t know about health and nutrition probably isn’t worth knowing! With her kind and caring nature and approach, she is always in your corner to give you support. Give her a call you won’t go far wrong”

Get in touch: click here


Kate Thorpe Stress and Anxiety Management Therapist & Coach Get Gorgeous

“love all the positive messages in this book. I would urge all older people to continue to live and learn. So often we get stuck in our ways. My book is currently being read by a male friend who heard Adele speaking about her approach and he found her ‘inspirational’. The book is still away from home so I’ll need to catch up with him soon and prize it away from him!”


LInda Bellshaw NHS Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Gorgeous Graduate Caroline NURSE and mummy of three


Join my next Pilates retreat on Relaxation, Pilates, Self Care & nutrition http://bit.ly/2S3ZJPB

Find out more about next Pilates Spanish Retreat: http://bit.ly/2ub81Il


Sandra Wiggins Manufacturing Business Owner Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Anita Ghosal Speaker and Transformational Coach Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

I have loved working with Adele. Adele is incredibly knowledgeable, and I absolutely love her genuity, energy and dedication.

Heidi Sternberg Trainer, manager and consultant: Helping female entrepreneurs Get Gorgeous

“I bought this book with some trepidation as I have read so many “self-help” books all offering a miracle which is exactly where this book differs. Adele does not offer a quick fix, in fact the complete opposite. I have learnt a lot from this book, it’s made me recognise patterns of behaviour that I have had since childhood and while I can’t change them all, just recognising them helps. It made me laugh at myself as I recognised the excuses I use to justify why today it’s ok to have that slice of cake or glass of wine – I don’t so much have a inner teenager (read the book and you’ll understand) as an inner high priced lawyer capable of arguing the impossible!

I am slowly (very slowly) working through each of the elements hoping that by taking my time the changes will stick. I would recommend this book to anyone who is fed up of trying diet after diet and wondering why they don’t work and is looking instead for something more inspirational.”



Emma Selby - Amazon reviewer Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Charlotte Cox Brand Manager and business owner Get Gorgeous Premier

I recommend “Gorgeous” book very highly. Such a well-researched, clear and logical path through the jungle of physical and mental fitness advice that’s out there. It mainly targets women but there’s more than enough here for guys to make it your personal guide. With a hard-hitting but humorous style, Adele explodes current fitness myths leaving you in no doubt about what to do and why. So be the best you can be. If you are thinking about working with Adele then I’m sure this will convince you to just do it!

Terry Hill Business Psychologist, Author and Lead Consultant at Mindscape Associates: Psychology for Business Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Truly amazing & inspirational book! I really couldn’t put it down! So much information, but written in a way that you absorb it & want to read more! A must for anyone who wants to find their ‘inner goddess’!



Amanda Business Executive Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book


Sandra Wiggins Manufacturing Business Owner Get Gorgeous

Spanish Retreat more info: http://bit.ly/2ub81Il
Day retreat in Exeter, Devon: http://bit.ly/2S3ZJPB


Dave Property Owner Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

Jane Lloyd Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

“loved the easy to achieve mantras and targets. Can be a bit heavy on technical info but all really useful stuff. Loved this book and its a must if you have tried and failed at any diet or life style change. Will open your eyes to how easy it can be to boost self esteem and feel and look better. debunks all the myths about other fad diets and gives you a real sense of what you CAN achieve and how to make yourself a better person and feel good. A must read Bible for anyone needing help with nutrition and well being. Just do it!”



Mandy Wilkinson Mum of 2 busy boys and a Teacher Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

“I loved how you included real people, described their ‘why’ so I could identify with them. I thoroughly enjoyed the mindset and movement chapter and the explanation on carbs. My biggest joy was getting to know you a little more. I loved your honesty and references to your own family. It makes you real for other readers and I think that is so important with the message you are trying to get across. It wasn’t patronising, it was written with empathy but also the message was clear to me. ‘It’s all in my hands, get off your backside and leave the excuses if you want it enough’. I really loved how you were not afraid to challenge the myths of dieting. That blew away some of the things that I have been struggling with because of the weight/inches I have put on recently”

Sandra Wiggins www.get-gorgeous.com/book Get Gorgeous Book

I’ve been Get Gorgeous- ing for about a year too and I’ve noticed all sorts of changes. when I joined I too was hoping for a quick fix despite having read the blurb I still wanted the weight to drop off by magic! anyway I have moved away totally from weight as a measurement -we have no scales in the house.

I feel as though I am in a good place. I too look forward to exercise and I actively seek out new ways to exercise and new people to exercise with. actually doing enough cardio is something I need to work on in the weeks when life gets in the way of my cycling to work (I need to timetable some HIIT workouts more regularly) but I’m great at getting my 10k plus daily steps in and doing pilates and yoga weekly – I’m managing 1 run a week I want to up that to 3 short ones (and I still haven’t done my park run watch this space) I feel that I am actually looking after my body (and my soul with help from Adele Stickland) at last.

The emphasis every day in my head is on putting good things in to fuel and support and nourish my body not on depriving my body of anything. I feel proud of how strong and toned my body has become. I struggled a bit at first with the earning of the carbs but now its just a genuine habit – I don’t eat starchy carbs unless I have exercised I eat bolognasie or chilli etc without pasta or rice on those days and cheese it up – its delicious. planning ahead is becoming ingrained too and we always have enough veg in the fridge for a tasty salad – we add cooked green beans and asparagus and all sorts of variations on a theme and I’ve become a lidl /Aldi convert for their great selection of fresh fish. even the kids are eating fresh fish now! this post is too long but you get the idea. keep the faith and the rest will follow xxxxxx

(“free your mind and your ass will follow” is Julian Cope’s version)xxx

Helen Clegg Solicitor and mummy of two

I have followed Adele on Facebook for a while and thought I would give the book a try …..and I love this book and I haven’t finished reading it yet! It is thought-provoking and at times like a lightbulb going on in your head, for instance, your relationship with food as an adult can be affected by childhood
I highly recommend this book and have started thinking about myself more already!

Mrs C Amazon Reviewer Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

Rachel has a busy professional career as a University Lecturer and in her words needed to look after herself in a way that could be “naturally absorbed in to her day to day life”, she had noticed that she was getting a lot of colds, feeling lethargic and she knew she wasn’t putting the right nutrition in her body.  Rachel was great at picking up a quick snack that kept her going in her busy life but was offering no nutrition and she knew the snack was not making her healthy.

With a demanding role and busy home life, Rachel’s health was NOT a priority but she realised it was something she had to address.

Rachel is a busy gorgeous girl, a hardworking bunny who lives life at a “100 miles an hour”. She fits a lot into her day and she was looking for some help with her health that could be “easily absorbed into her day”

I adore working with Rachel, she knows her mind and in her words I’m the sort of person if you tell me I can’t have something then I want it all the more” I know exactly what she means, so it is my job not to provoke her inner teenager, to work with Rachel so she feels empowered and energetic and able to live her life the way she wants to. Which to be frank ladies is an absolute essential. I want your health to be second nature, I want your mind chatter and self-deprecation to go away so you can get on and enjoy what is important to you, cos that is what life is all about!

Previously Rachel had felt that she had been able to just cut back on a few calories and lose weight but her body was constantly starving.

Rachel Hayward University Lecturer Get Gorgeous Premier

We were greeted by Adele and offered a healthy herbal tea. We then did a ‘get to know you’ with the person next to us and shared with the group which broke the ice nicely. There was quite a mixture of people and attending for very different reasons.
We then went on to a great Pilates session concentrating on technique which was worthwhile. This was finished with an Adele led relaxation which was beneficial as she emphasised the importance of your breath.
 The slide show was interesting making you think about valuing yourself and ‘self care’ is not being selfish but essential for you to function well. We all now have our personal mantra. The food was tasty too especially the chai pots!
Adele had a good mixture across the session and a nice package showing her enthusiasm for health and well being, putting it across in a down to earth enjoyable way. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to stop and rethink how you look after yourself.

Angela Richards Manager Pilates and meditation workshop

Catherine Yeandle Primary school teacher

“Thoughtful, practical, and actionable advice to ensure the weight you lose this time will stay off for good.” Julie Dennis, Menopause Coach & Trainer and author

Julie Dennis www.get-gorgeous.com/book Get Gorgeous Book

I’ve taken a while to write this because I wanted it to be right. Life is tough and we are constantly bombarded by images, stories and ‘inspirations’ that you cannot help but compare your own life/appearance and choices to…. the one that tells you to love yourself and why the one that reminds you of your value and that what you do is your own business… Everyone needs a friend like that. I think Adele is that friend but since she can’t be there for us all, read her book.



The Movement Specialist and author Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

“Adele Stickland is like having your best friend, an agony aunt, a psychiatrist and a mentor all in one. This lady knows not just what SHE is about but in all probability what you are too and my goodness has she worked to get there. But don’t expect pages of calorie-counted recipes from the Get Gorgeous book. Instead, there’s help to unlock your past, to understand how you operate, question what triggers certain behaviours and beliefs and advice on how to, as she describes it,
“Get out of your own way..and get gorgeous!”



Judi Spiers Writer, reporter & presenter Get Gorgeous Book www.get-gorgeous.com/book

What a fantastic holiday on the Pilates Retreat in Malaga in May. I thought that I would take a week to come back down to earth before posting a review to reflect on the week and what a positive and beneficial impact it has had on my own health and well being plus the absolutely marvellous, inspirational and supportive Adele and Katie that led and organised the retreat.

The other companions who attended the retreat were so interesting with everyone being there for their own reason. That is why the retreat was brilliant as there was freedom and flexibility in what you wanted to do as we all needed to get different outcomes from the retreat. Putting 13 relative strangers together was expertly managed by Adele and it was a totally 100% positive vibe amongst the group. There were so many laughs around the pool, dining room table and whilst doing pilates as some of the proposed positions to get into where largely only achieved by Adele but my goodness did we have fun trying!

The food was superb, fresh fish, fresh vegetables and fruit expertly prepared by Katie 3 times a day with fresh eggs from the chickens who lived at the side of the house. Katie was such an adorable positive complement to Adele – you would think they were sisters as they both sparked off each other which made the whole holiday so brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble – you don’t get that even at a 5 star hotel but they both did with enormous smiles on their faces. The accommodation was out of this world – loads of space and privacy and in a lovely quiet location – Adele could not have picked a better place. There were board games, videos available but to be honest, we were normally fast asleep in bed by 10pm. I can thoroughly recommend going on a retreat with Adele – she really does make you laugh and keep you thoroughly entertained and has an infectious mojo that you cannot but help adore her. I personally took away the fact that it is okay to have some ” down time and me time” and that we shouldn’t guilty in doing so and actually having a bit of down time gives you tons more energy. So I starting as I mean to go on and have already booked my next holiday. This was all complemented by Adele’s Get Gorgeous book which is like a good thriller – once you pick it up, you can’t put it down until you know “whodunnit!!”
So here’s to the next time!🥳🤩🐥

Susannah Jordan NHS manager Gorgeous Pilates Retreat

“Adele’s enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and ability to inspire change leap off every page – a really good read”

Sally Jackson RGN, EdD Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Coach  & Arbonne Consultant Get Gorgeous Book